death grip

  • Macy Nikole is a super-hot, powerlifter, dominatrix, and session wrestler with a lusciously thick world-class ass, muscular thighs, and 6-pack abs. Macy came to Utopia only 2 weeks out from her upcoming powerlifting competition, so she is in some of the best condition of her life. During the last 2 years she has immersed herself into powerlifting, and has become a beast in the gym. Putting on significant size, and lifting impressive weight. One of the things that impressed us the most about young Macy, was her tireless work ethic and gamer attitude.  She is a certified bad-ass! In "Macy Nikole vs. King - the Rematch," Macy once again takes on our big dude King.  She lifts more than he weighs in the gym, so she is not impressed by his size or strength. Macy jumps on King from the start, and keeps the big guy on the mat with many brutal scissorsholds.  King's neck, as big as it is, is no match for Macy's powerful thighs, and you can witness him tire as she seemingly gets stronger.  Her hip-thrusting, "jackhammer" grapevine is a thing of beauty, and she follows that up with a head-snapping front scissor, powerful reverse scissor, smothering reverse figure 4, and debilitating death grip, before standing over him triumphant in a classic double bicep victory pose.  We think Macy Nikole is one of the sexiest women in mixed wrestling today, and we're confident you'll agree.  Enjoy!
  • Super sexy Italian wrestler Bianca Blance is taking a bike ride and stops at a local park to use the restroom. When she goes inside, a thief comes out from hiding and steals her bicycle. Bianca comes out of the restroom and sees the man peddling away and she takes off running after him. Fans of Bianca know she is an incredible athlete, but little did the thief know that he couldn't out peddle her. She chases him down and when he ditches the bicycle she pounces. Bianca is a force to be reckoned with when she is just having fun on the mat, but when she's angry? Watch out! Bianca strips down to her tiny pink schoolgirl g-string, revealing her incredible all-natural physique, and twists the dude into all sorts of debilitating holds and scissors. Luckily for her (and us) there was noone around to see this very public ass-whipping, or we might've had to bail her out of jail, lol. Holds of note include: rear naked choke, body scissor, head scissor, belly punching, ball grabbing, head scissor, shoulder riding, side figure 4, hip thrusts, grapevine, jackhammer, figure 4, flexing, facesitting, reverse head scissors, death grip, reverse figure 4, pussy choke straddle, leg snaps, front scissor, ankle scissor, death grip, and pretzel pin. Bianca is a whirlwind, and we could see this exact scenario playing out, if anyone is stupid enough to steal her bike! UTCS-242, The Ride of His Life is 11 minutes in length. Enjoy!
  • NEWS FLASH: Anti-hero Harley Quinn has a twin sister!  They both make an appearance in this weeks offering, UTCS-224, The Quinn Sisters!  Beautiful, built session girls Macy Nikole and Sunni Ray cosplay the twins.  Two rival crooks enter their gum warehouse in Gotham to steal their gym equipment and the twins catch them in the act.  The Twins throw the men to the ground and commence to scissoring them, mirroring each other in grueling hold after intense hold. This is a 2 on 2 scissoring spectacle as each twin switches off occasionally to dominate the other gang member.  Holds of note include: head scissors, figure 4, grapevine hip thrust, scissor snaps, flexing, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, death grip, HOM smothering.  In the end during dueling death grips, the Harley Quinn Twins decide to take the would-be thieves to see the Joker!  He'll know what to do with them! UTCS-224, The Quinn Sisters!  is 15 minutes in length and specially priced right now at only $12.95.  Enjoy!
  • Sunni Ray vs. Ranger!

    16.5 Mins. $14.95
    NPC Figure competitor and well known catfighter Sunni Ray. has been working hard on her wrestling skills and has been touring the US trouncing men in wrestling sessions.  In UTCS-218, Sunni Ray vs. Ranger, Sunni puts her new wrestling skills on full display against newcomer Ranger.  That said, don't get it twisted friends, Sunni knows where her bread is buttered and that's in-between her thick, creamy, yet muscular thighs.  First Ranger goes for the takedown, but Sunni grabs him and pivots and puts Ranger flat on his back, where she captures him in a grueling grapevine.  Totally pinned underneath her, she first tortures him with some awesome hip thrusts, before passing to one side while still scissoring one leg, and trapping him in a rear naked choke.  Then she passes underneath his neck again and grabs his other arm for a classic crucifix. Now Ranger is in prime position for what Sunni Ray does best.  Scissor!  Sunni deftly pulls his head back and straps on a brutal throat scissor.  Ranger is tapping and clutching at Sunni's enormous gams, but she rolls right into the first of 2 reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4 sequences. Combined with a sexy reverse facesit and flexing, this is over 3.5 minutes by itself!   Then Sunni gets right behind Ranger in a classic head scissor and figure 4 sequence, purely aimed at punishing her victim. There is some excellent scissor snaps in this 4 minute long scissor, with Sunni Ray going hard, staying relentless and then transitions to a throat collapsing figure 4.  Next, Sunni pins Ranger in one of her new moves, the Banana Split, before she Chicken Wings him into a reverse figure 4.  This is the 2nd reverse sequence and it's nearly 2 minutes by itself. Now with Ranger unable to defend himself, Sunni goes for the throat, literally, by imprisoning him in an inescapable death grip.  He hits her in the face by accident, which pisses Sunni Ray off a little bit and so she keeps him tapping for nearly 2 minutes before she finally lets him submit.  She flips him to his back and stands triumphantly over him in a double bicep victory pose!  This is the mixed wrestling video we've been wanting Sunni Ray. to make!  TRT 16.5 minutes, enjoy!
  • Macy Nikole vs. King!

    13.5 Mins. $12.95
    This is the mixed wrestling video you always wanted Macy Nikole to make!  After all, she's a beautiful, super-sexy, ultra-hot, young dominatrix, session wrestler and competitive powerlifter, with incredible, lusciously thick, muscular thighs and calves, and a world-class ass!  Macy comes to Utopia only 2 weeks out form her upcoming powerlifting competition, so not only is she in phenomenal condition, she's strong as an ox!  Macy grew up in competitive swimming and running sprints in high school, so she loves to compete.  One of the things that excited Macy about coming to Utopia, was the chance to work with Kip to become an even stronger wrestler.  That said we were really impressed with Macy's wrestling skill and "go for broke" attitude.  She was like a sponge, learning many new techniques, holds and counters.  We can say with confidence ... Macy is a certified bad-ass!  UTCS-212, Macy vs. King, is another installment of "Holy Sht, This Woman can Really Wrestle!"  Sexy Macy is also really smart, and when she finds out she's going against our bodybuilder "King," she devises a plan to cut him down to her size.  It works like a charm and Macy jumps on King from the start, and keeps the big guy off balance and suffering throughout.  Macy's 24" thighs surround and squeeze King's head and neck constantly and she pours on the pressure with leg snapping intensity, leaving no doubt who is the victor.  Holds of note include: takedown, straddle, front scissor, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, guillotine, side scissor, camel clutch, rear naked choke, body scissor, side figure 4, facesitting, before totally totally submitting him in a reverse armpit choke! Macy Nikole  is one of the sexiest women in mixed wrestling today, and she's right here, right now on Utopia  Enjoy!
  • Vampirella!

    10 Mins. $8.95
    Fresh for Halloween is a special rendition of Vampirella starring sexy Italian wrestler Bianca Blance.  We realize it's a double dose of Bianca this week, but when you got it, flaunt it!  We love Bianca, because she is an all-natural beauty, has an incredible body, is exceptionally skilled in every fighting form, and she puts 100% effort into every clip.  We shot this on location in a local cemetery.  But don't worry we were in an undeveloped area of the cemetery, so no graves were desecrated in the making of this clip ... er just Vampirella's that is!   It was one of those days when the moon was out before the sun had fully set, so Vampirella rises from the grave to totally thrash our dude King.  Bianca, dressed in a genuine Vampirella costume complete with black boots and fangs, really looks the part of the undead beauty.  Then she energetically breaks out a ton of mixed wrestling, grappling, pro, amateur, and scissor holds to make this a really entertaining clip.  Eerie music and excellent camera work by Kip round out this production.  Holds of note include: Head scissor, figure 4, body scissor, arm bar, grapevine, camel clutch, banana split, full nelson, hammer lock, death grip, HOM smother, front and reverse facesitting, aerial side scissor, front scissor, scissor slams, scissor snaps, several reverse head scissors, reverse figure 4, tons of flexing, and a victory pose.  Bianca personifies Vampirella and we have specially priced this clip to entertain you this Halloween and beyond. The preview clip can be found here.  Vampirella is 10 minutes in length, enjoy!
  • In There's No Substitute for Scissors, Kayla Woods plays a Junior High School Gym Teacher who is going on vacation during "Wrestling Week."  She has a slightly different philosophy than most about what holds and moves are important to learn, and to Kayla the fine art of scissoring is key!  Steve is the substitute and he knows the basics of collegiate wrestling, like a Half Nelson and Cradle, but he is about to get an up close and personal lesson in scissorhold technique.  Kayla strips down to her sexy one-piece monokini "singlet" and puts Steve immediately in a paralyzing reverse scissor and reverse figure 4.  Then a classic straight leg scissor before mounting him again for another grueling reverse.  Then she shifts to her side and while placing her hand across his nose and mouth, Kayla smothers him while her thighs are right across his Adam's Apple.  Her brutal front scissor is next, followed by a rear naked choke and body scissor.  Then she bends him backwards severely and captures him in a Dragon Sleeper Death Grip.  Lastly Kayla stands over Steve victorious, and sticks her huge clammy feet in his face and tells him to kiss them!  Kayla is a natural when it comes to role-play.  Couple that with her gorgeous all-American looks and a killer, rock-hard physique, and you get why she is one of the most popular women in session wrestling today! The preview clip can be found here.   TRT 17 minutes, enjoy!
  • Bigred Scissors Ed!

    11.5 Mins. $10.95
    Bigred is a national level bodybuilder, powerlifter and session wrestler from San Diego.  Tall, tan and treacherous this 5'9", 190lb. woman has the size, strength and skill, to take on anyone on the mats.  Playing softball, tennis and running track growing up, Bigred started to develop her mind and body to compete and win at the highest levels.  She can Squat 385 and Bench Press 290 and it's no wonder her huge, muscular legs are her favorite body part and her mind-erasing reverse head scissor is her favorite wrestling hold.   Now only 5 weeks out from an upcoming bodybuilding show, Bigred is in tremendous shape, thick, yet hard as a rock with 16.5" biceps, 29" thighs and 17" calves, making her one of the most muscular women in mixed wrestling today.  In Bigred Scissors Ed, Ed is bored with being in mixed wrestling videos and tells Skylar this is his last video.  Skylar introduces him to Bigred, to get the excitement back into Ed's like.  Bigred commands Ed to kneel and worship her legs that are about to crush him.  Then she does just that with a throat scissor, front scissor, several different reverse scissors, a grapevine, death grip, body scissor, and classic head scissor.  In the end Bigred leaves Ed vanquished on the mat and Skylar wakes him up to tell him to get back to work!  Enjoy!
  • In UTCS-105, Backstabber's Beatdown, sensational wrestler/grappler VeVe Lane overhears her friend Diablo talking with her new jobber Rich behind her back. Seems Rich is upset that during his "tryout" Veve went really hard on him, and when he complains to Diablo, he takes Rich's side. This sends fiery redhead Veve into attack mode and she takes turns with each man twisting them up, down and sideways! First Rich, then Diablo, then when they are both suitably softened up, she traps both of them together!  If Rich thought she went hard the first time, it is nothing compared to the beating he receives after smack talking behind her back.  Diablo also gets a double dose as he is her "so-called, friend!"  Holds of note include fireman's carry, head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, dragon sleeper, Boston crab, camel clutch, standing scissor, banana split, rear naked choke, body scissor, full nelson, facesitting and much more!  In fact we counted oner 34 pro and amateur wrestling holds, throws, variations and combinations in 16 incredible, action-packed minutes!  This is Veve in mixed wrestling domination at it's best! Enjoy!


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