There’s No Substitute for Scissors!

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There’s No Substitute for Scissors!


In There’s No Substitute for Scissors, Kayla Woods plays a Junior High School Gym Teacher who is going on vacation during “Wrestling Week.”  She has a slightly different philosophy than most about what holds and moves are important to learn, and to Kayla the fine art of scissoring is key!  Steve is the substitute and he knows the basics of collegiate wrestling, like a Half Nelson and Cradle, but he is about to get an up close and personal lesson in scissorhold technique.  Kayla strips down to her sexy one-piece monokini “singlet” and puts Steve immediately in a paralyzing reverse scissor and reverse figure 4.  Then a classic straight leg scissor before mounting him again for another grueling reverse.  Then she shifts to her side and while placing her hand across his nose and mouth, Kayla smothers him while her thighs are right across his Adam’s Apple.  Her brutal front scissor is next, followed by a rear naked choke and body scissor.  Then she bends him backwards severely and captures him in a Dragon Sleeper Death Grip.  Lastly Kayla stands over Steve victorious, and sticks her huge clammy feet in his face and tells him to kiss them!  Kayla is a natural when it comes to role-play.  Couple that with her gorgeous all-American looks and a killer, rock-hard physique, and you get why she is one of the most popular women in session wrestling today! The preview clip can be found here.   TRT 17 minutes, enjoy!


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