Macy Nikole Crushes Cobain!

Macy Nikole Crushes Cobain!


(12 Mins.)

Macy Nikole is an ultra-sexy, young dominatrix, session wrestler and powerlifter, with lusciously thick muscular thighs, big calves, 6-pack abs and a world-class derriere!  Indeed if you haven’t seen Macy recently, you haven’t seen Macy! Gone is the skinny little blonde brat, replaced with a red-haired, bad-ass gym rat, with 30 extra pounds of solid muscle all in the right places!  To prove it, Macy strips down to one of the tiniest bikinis we own and wrestles Cobain one on one on our mat.  Macy threw around our big guy King pretty well, so when she sees lanky Cobain is her opponent, she goes into attack mode.  This is a non-stop barrage of wrestling domination by Macy, starting with a nice headlock throw, and ending with a nearly 2 minute long death grip.  In between, Macy employs, front, classic and reverse scissors and figure 4’s, hip thrusting grapevine, arm bar, headlock, scissor slams, snaps and chops to completely work Cobain over.  Along with the physical ass-whipping, Macy unleashes a verbal beatdown as well.  Excellent lighting and camerawork by Kip polishes the video.  We love Macy Nikole and we know you do too!  UTCS-260 “Macy Crushes Cobain” is 12 minutes in length. Enjoy!


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