The Ride of His Life!

The Ride of His Life!


(11 Mins.)

Super sexy Italian wrestler Bianca Blance is taking a bike ride and stops at a local park to use the restroom. When she goes inside, a thief comes out from hiding and steals her bicycle. Bianca comes out of the restroom and sees the man peddling away and she takes off running after him. Fans of Bianca know she is an incredible athlete, but little did the thief know that he couldn’t out peddle her. She chases him down and when he ditches the bicycle she pounces. Bianca is a force to be reckoned with when she is just having fun on the mat, but when she’s angry? Watch out! Bianca strips down to her tiny pink schoolgirl g-string, revealing her incredible all-natural physique, and twists the dude into all sorts of debilitating holds and scissors. Luckily for her (and us) there was noone around to see this very public ass-whipping, or we might’ve had to bail her out of jail, lol. Holds of note include: rear naked choke, body scissor, head scissor, belly punching, ball grabbing, head scissor, shoulder riding, side figure 4, hip thrusts, grapevine, jackhammer, figure 4, flexing, facesitting, reverse head scissors, death grip, reverse figure 4, pussy choke straddle, leg snaps, front scissor, ankle scissor, death grip, and pretzel pin. Bianca is a whirlwind, and we could see this exact scenario playing out, if anyone is stupid enough to steal her bike! UTCS-242, The Ride of His Life is 11 minutes in length. Enjoy!


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