Backstabber’s Beatdown!

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Backstabber’s Beatdown!


In UTCS-105, Backstabber’s Beatdown, sensational wrestler/grappler VeVe Lane overhears her friend Diablo talking with her new jobber Rich behind her back. Seems Rich is upset that during his “tryout” Veve went really hard on him, and when he complains to Diablo, he takes Rich’s side. This sends fiery redhead Veve into attack mode and she takes turns with each man twisting them up, down and sideways! First Rich, then Diablo, then when they are both suitably softened up, she traps both of them together!  If Rich thought she went hard the first time, it is nothing compared to the beating he receives after smack talking behind her back.  Diablo also gets a double dose as he is her “so-called, friend!”  Holds of note include fireman’s carry, head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, dragon sleeper, Boston crab, camel clutch, standing scissor, banana split, rear naked choke, body scissor, full nelson, facesitting and much more!  In fact we counted oner 34 pro and amateur wrestling holds, throws, variations and combinations in 16 incredible, action-packed minutes!  This is Veve in mixed wrestling domination at it’s best! Enjoy!


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