Sunni Ray vs. Ranger!

Sunni Ray vs. Ranger!


(16.5 Mins.)

NPC Figure competitor and well known catfighter Sunni Ray. has been working hard on her wrestling skills and has been touring the US trouncing men in wrestling sessions.  In UTCS-218, Sunni Ray vs. Ranger, Sunni puts her new wrestling skills on full display against newcomer Ranger.  That said, don’t get it twisted friends, Sunni knows where her bread is buttered and that’s in-between her thick, creamy, yet muscular thighs.  First Ranger goes for the takedown, but Sunni grabs him and pivots and puts Ranger flat on his back, where she captures him in a grueling grapevine.  Totally pinned underneath her, she first tortures him with some awesome hip thrusts, before passing to one side while still scissoring one leg, and trapping him in a rear naked choke.  Then she passes underneath his neck again and grabs his other arm for a classic crucifix. Now Ranger is in prime position for what Sunni Ray does best.  Scissor!  Sunni deftly pulls his head back and straps on a brutal throat scissor.  Ranger is tapping and clutching at Sunni’s enormous gams, but she rolls right into the first of 2 reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4 sequences. Combined with a sexy reverse facesit and flexing, this is over 3.5 minutes by itself!   Then Sunni gets right behind Ranger in a classic head scissor and figure 4 sequence, purely aimed at punishing her victim. There is some excellent scissor snaps in this 4 minute long scissor, with Sunni Ray going hard, staying relentless and then transitions to a throat collapsing figure 4.  Next, Sunni pins Ranger in one of her new moves, the Banana Split, before she Chicken Wings him into a reverse figure 4.  This is the 2nd reverse sequence and it’s nearly 2 minutes by itself. Now with Ranger unable to defend himself, Sunni goes for the throat, literally, by imprisoning him in an inescapable death grip.  He hits her in the face by accident, which pisses Sunni Ray off a little bit and so she keeps him tapping for nearly 2 minutes before she finally lets him submit.  She flips him to his back and stands triumphantly over him in a double bicep victory pose!  This is the mixed wrestling video we’ve been wanting Sunni Ray. to make!  TRT 16.5 minutes, enjoy!


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