The Quinn Sisters – Starring Macy Nikole & Sunni Ray!

The Quinn Sisters – Starring Macy Nikole & Sunni Ray!


(15 Mins.)

NEWS FLASH: Anti-hero Harley Quinn has a twin sister!  They both make an appearance in this weeks offering, UTCS-224, The Quinn Sisters!  Beautiful, built session girls Macy Nikole and Sunni Ray cosplay the twins.  Two rival crooks enter their gum warehouse in Gotham to steal their gym equipment and the twins catch them in the act.  The Twins throw the men to the ground and commence to scissoring them, mirroring each other in grueling hold after intense hold. This is a 2 on 2 scissoring spectacle as each twin switches off occasionally to dominate the other gang member.  Holds of note include: head scissors, figure 4, grapevine hip thrust, scissor snaps, flexing, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, death grip, HOM smothering.  In the end during dueling death grips, the Harley Quinn Twins decide to take the would-be thieves to see the Joker!  He’ll know what to do with them! UTCS-224, The Quinn Sisters!  is 15 minutes in length and specially priced right now at only $12.95.  Enjoy!


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