Macy Nikole vs. King – The Rematch!

Macy Nikole vs. King – The Rematch!


(11.5 Mins.)

Macy Nikole is a super-hot, powerlifter, dominatrix, and session wrestler with a lusciously thick world-class ass, muscular thighs, and 6-pack abs. Macy came to Utopia only 2 weeks out from her upcoming powerlifting competition, so she is in some of the best condition of her life. During the last 2 years she has immersed herself into powerlifting, and has become a beast in the gym. Putting on significant size, and lifting impressive weight. One of the things that impressed us the most about young Macy, was her tireless work ethic and gamer attitude.  She is a certified bad-ass! In “Macy Nikole vs. King – the Rematch,” Macy once again takes on our big dude King.  She lifts more than he weighs in the gym, so she is not impressed by his size or strength. Macy jumps on King from the start, and keeps the big guy on the mat with many brutal scissorsholds.  King’s neck, as big as it is, is no match for Macy’s powerful thighs, and you can witness him tire as she seemingly gets stronger.  Her hip-thrusting, “jackhammer” grapevine is a thing of beauty, and she follows that up with a head-snapping front scissor, powerful reverse scissor, smothering reverse figure 4, and debilitating death grip, before standing over him triumphant in a classic double bicep victory pose.  We think Macy Nikole is one of the sexiest women in mixed wrestling today, and we’re confident you’ll agree.  Enjoy!


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