• Ms. Nika vs. Riccardo!

    13 Mins. $11.95
    Ms Nika is a beautiful, statuesque dominatrix and session wrestler currently living in the UK. She is incredibly athletic and fit at 5'9" and 150lbs, and loves to wrestle/grapple and dominate men with a wide array of wrestling holds and scissors. Her long, strong legs, are like iron, and once she traps you in-between her muscular thighs you better tap, or it's lights out for you.  In UTCS-231, Ms Nika vs. Riccardo,  she asks him if he will practice with her to sharpen her skills for an upcoming tournament.  Riccardo and Nika know each other pretty well, and neither likes to lose to the other, so this is a very spirited contest.  Ms Nika's deadly legs and fantastic skill and endurance eventually wear Riccardo out, but he manages to make an excellent account of himself.  Holds of note include: takedowns, head scissors, body scissors, rear naked choke, guillotine, arm bar, front scissor, reverse scissor, straddle, victory pose and many moments of woman vs man struggle for supremacy.  We think you'll love UTCS-231, Ms Nika vs. Riccardo.  Enjoy!
  • Lexa Stahl is a gorgeous physique athlete from somewhere out west, USA. She had a meteoric rise in bodybuilding and now she's taking her talents to wrestling and grappling. Lexa is very proud of the progress she's made in Jiu Jitsu in only one year of serious training, and she wanted to showcase her grappling ability.  Far be it from us to disappoint a woman like Lexa, so we pitted her against Steve and let them have at it.  Lexa essentially dominates a much bigger and stronger opponent, keeping Steve on the defensive throughout and gaining his submission a half dozen times!  UTCS-243, Lexa vs. Steve consists of a 4 minute long interview with Lexa at the beginning, followed by 11+ minutes of competitive grappling.  Purchase the clip and get Lexa's contact information at the end.  Enjoy!
  • Buff blonde figure competitor Sunni Ray and sexy competitive powerlifter Macy Nikole are 2 session girls that compete on opposing flag football teams. They're tossing a football back and forth, dressed in their respective jerseys and matching thongs, but start flinging insults at each other as well. Next thing you know a challenge to wrestle is issued and it's on. Our 2 buff, beauties go at it with energy and enthusiasm and are competitively trying to submit each other. At first it seems as if Macy has the upper hand. She's able to trap Sunni in a front triangle and then a rear naked choke, but she can't quite seal the deal and Sunni somehow wiggled free from both treacherous holds. Macy is a little cocky at this point, and makes a mistake. She gets caught between Sunni's big legs and in trying to free herself leaves her neck and arm vulnerable for Sunni's arm choke. She flips Macy to her back and locks it in tight, with a vicious thigh scissor as well. To Macy's credit she doesn't panic, or give in, and after a nearly 2 minute struggle, she manages to break the hold. Sunni is visibly frustrated, and tired, and Macy looks to be back in control by ensnaring Sunni in a scissor, then a hammerlock, and finally another rear naked choke. Sunni is doing anything to break free, including trying to stand up with Macy clinging to her neck and back. But Macy is able to wrestle her back down to the mat. This might have been the end for Sunni Ray, but Macy, also exhausted, doesn't have the strength left to choke her out. When they break apart, cooler and exhausted heads prevail and the match ends in a draw. You'll have to decide who the winner is for yourselves. UTCS-221, Sunni Ray vs. Macy Nikole is 12.5 minutes in length, enjoy!
  • When we found out Bianca Blance was traveling to Germany last month, we reached out to our friend Foxxy Squeeze to see if she wanted to meet and wrestle against the female Italian (wrestling) "Stallion,"  Bianca is a 5'7," 135 lb yoga practitioner, natural athlete and session wrestler from Italy.  Foxxy Squeeze is also 5'7" as well, but 149 muscular pounds.  In setting up this match, we learned that Foxxy had never actually wrestled competitively against another woman before.  Indeed, her reputation is built on kicking men's asses in sessions in her home city of Frankfurt.  But Foxxy is a gamer and she figured, "hey if I'm gonna go up against another woman, why not go up against one of the best!?"  Bianca takes Foxxy under her proverbial wing and teaches her some man squashing scissorholds (coming out in another video) before this match, and encourages her new German friend to be aggressive in wrestling against her.  But there's no way Bianca is actually going to let Foxy submit her.  So in UTCS-219, Bianca Blance vs. Foxxy Squeeze, it's largely business when our two session wrestling beauties go at it. Bianca comes at you from all angles. She's really strong, deceptively fast, cunning, and her technique is getting better each day. Foxxy thinks she's defending Bianca's advances, and then BOOM, next thing you know, Bianca has her cruel legs wrapped around Foxxy's core.  Anybody who has ever wrestled against Bianca knows, her body scissor is no joke. It literally paralyzes you, and only the strongest athletes survive the fall, or even the match once that occurs.  Still, we found Foxxy to be an entertaining, good natured and sexy participant.  Please enjoy Bianca Blance vs. Foxxy Squeeze!
  • Sheena is a woman who needs no introduction. So when Kip starts out playing it straight in UTCS-216, with a "Holy Shit this Woman Can Really Wrestle" opening, Sheena starts busting his chops.  She gives Flavio an even harder time when he flexes his bicep as Kip says "this woman!"  If you've ever seen any of Sheena's previous videos, you know 2 things. 1) she has a larger than life, fun-loving personality, and 2) she's a complete wrestling, grappling badass!  Few people can actually compete with her, let alone win a fall or match, Flavio being possibly one of them.  If you had the pleasure of watching  Flavio vs. Bianca, then you know Flavio has some skill, and is actually really crafty on the mat.  Sheena starts out strong and makes quick work of Flavio with a guillotine early on. But in the second fall, Sheena tries an underhook throw that backfires, and Flavio takes her back.  Flavio learned some lessons against Bianca, and this time stays on Sheena's back, relentlessly working for a rear naked choke and to everyone's surprise, he actually earns a tap-out.  That's right, Flavio submits Sheena with a rear naked choke / body triangle combination!  All that said, Flavio is tired after his brief victory and Sheena revenges her submission by completely working him over the rest of the match.  There are 6 submissions in this 10.5 minute contest. Enjoy!
  • Bianca Blance is a 5'7", 135 lb yoga practitioner, natural athlete and session wrestler from Italy.  Muscle Dolly is a 5'6", 150 lb female bodybuilder and session wrestler from Hungary.  Both these women are well known in wrestling sessions and videos so it was natural to match these two against each other in UTCS-209, Truly Competitive, Bianca vs. Dolly!  This is a classic battle of the bodybuilder (Dolly) vs. the fitness enthusiast (Bianca.)  On paper you would feel that maybe Dolly, with her strength, muscle mass and weight advantage might win out.  But Bianca's strength and conditioning is second to none and she is training ongoing in BJJ, wrestling and boxing.  So as Kip always says, "that's why we play the games!"  Early on in the match, Bianca is able to trap Dolly in a guard body scissor right up under Dolly's ribs and earns a quick tapout.  However, in the next face-off, Dolly is able to pull Bianca into her guard.  Bianca, twisting to try and free herself from Dolly's strong legs gives up her neck accidentally and Dolly gets Bianca in a brutal headlock.  For the next 2.5 minutes Dolly squeezes the crap out of Bianca, but the determined  Italian "Stallion" never gives up.  Eventually tiring Dolly, Bianca miraculously escapes, completely turning the tables on Dolly and winning the fall with a cross body pin and Kimora.  We've seen this behavior before with Bianca, where she makes an early mistake, but because she is relentless in her will to survive and never tapout, she is able to outlast and exhaust her opponents to where victory becomes inevitable.  And there it is, Dolly is game the rest of the way, but with her strength advantage zapped, she becomes no match for Bianca's superior conditioning and skill.  Indeed, Bianca is just getting warmed up!  You can see the body language of the 2 athletes shift, with Bianca triumphantly flexing after each fall and Dolly looking visibly shaken and frustrated.  But Bianca enjoyed this day and goes hard on Dolly, forcing the Hungarian to retaliate with whatever she has.  In the last fall Dolly tries to save face and fervently attacks Bianca, but once again falls prey to a vicious body scissor.  Please enjoy, UTCS-209, Truly Competitive, Bianca vs. Dolly!
  • Recently we've been getting a ton of email requesting truly competitive mixed wrestling matches.  So, being a 31-year-old company, largely driven by customer satisfaction, we set out to find 2 competitors we felt could match up well and give fans of Utopia what they really want, no-holds-barred competitive mixed wrestling!  The last time we were in Vegas, we rented a wrestling facility and brought in 5'7" 135lbs. Bianca Blance from Italy, to wrestle against 5'9" 160 lbs. Flavio from Brazil.  Both Flavio and Bianca are very well known in wresting circles, however, what a lot of people don't know is, Flavio is quite accomplished in BJJ, but doesn't always get to show his skills, because he's largely being hired as a tough, scissorhold, jobber.  All that said, UTCS-207, Truly Competitive - Bianca vs Flavio lived up to, and exceeded all expectations.  After the introductions, it's an intense grappling contest for the first 5.5 minutes with both competitors struggling to gain the advantage.  To the spectators on hand, it seems like Bianca (wrestling topless) is mostly in control.  That all changes in a flash, when Bianca makes a critical mistake and Flavio takes her back.  He has a body triangle locked in on her and he is working for a rear naked choke.  For the next minute or so it appears that Bianca has finally met her match, however it wasn't meant to be, as Bianca keeps her chin down tight to her chest, thwarting his choke attempt, and then methodically works to pry his arms apart.  She manages to escape and it appears as if Flavio has exhausted himself attempting to get her to tap, allowing Bianca to turn the tables on him.  She eventually gets Flavio to submit, via a positively brutal front (arm-in) judo scissor.  To the victor goes the spoils, and sensing that Flavio is toast, Bianca pours on the punishment and dominates him for the next 2 minutes, delivering a vicious scissoring, then planting that gorgeous, firm, Italian ass, right on his defeated face!  Enjoy!
  • KO vs. Bianca!

    13 Mins. $9.95
    Haven't we all been waiting for this for some time now?  A living legend in female and mixed wrestling, KO,  squaring off against soon to be legend in her own right, Bianca Blance.  First a "tale of the tape," measuring segment, then arm wrestling, and finally competitive grappling.  KO has been in the mixed wrestling scene for roughly 15 years now, while Bianca has been one of the most active female and mixed wrestling participants for the last 4 years.  KO is known for her massive size, incredible strength and jiu jitsu skill, while Bianca is known for her competitive spirit, level of fitness, speed and endurance, and her scrappy, "come at you from all angles" style.  UTCS-199, KO vs. Bianca is a classic size vs speed battle and on paper you might give it to KO just on reputation alone, but as they say in football, "That's why they play the games!" It looked to us as if KO was a little smitten with the beautiful Italian wrestling babe, Bianca, but then who isn't?  So maybe this is slightly less than full on competitive, but it is entertaining to say the least.  At one point near the end, both women are tired and sweaty and Bianca sneaks around to climb on KO's back.  Watch how the crafty veteran escapes Bianca.  Who wins? You'll have to watch KO vs. Bianca Part 1 to find out!  Part 2 is coming out next week and is a retaliation scissor battle!  The preview clip can be found here.  TRT 14 minutes, enjoy!
  • Bianca vs. Kiniku!

    12.5 Mins. $11.95
    Bianca and Kiniku are friends but also rivals.  We found out they have a love/hate relationship so we commissioned this match between the 2 of them.  Bianca vs. Kiniku is a competitive topless battle, shot on location in Barcelona, Spain.  There is no nonsense here, the 2 women step out onto the mat, slap hands and get down to business.  Bianca has taken the session world by storm and she has become one of the most sought after video performers in the world.  It's easy to see why, she is beautiful, sexy, always in tremendous condition and gives 100% effort all the time.  What many don't know, is she is incredibly strong for her size, (stronger than most men) is aggressive, has fierce determination, is cunning, and knows a wide variety of wrestling styles, holds and counters.  Indeed, if you're going to face Bianca on the mat, you better bring your "A" game, or it will be a long match for you.  When Bianca traps you in a hold, she can be downright vicious, pouring on the pressure and going for the tap immediately. We've all heard comparisons of a scissorhold, to that of being squeezed by a python, but in Bianca's case it's true.  It's uncanny the pressure this 135 lbs. woman can bring to bear, and very unfortunate for Kiniku. Kiniku has been wrestling and grappling for many years, and started session wrestling in 2015, and she loves to compete.  Kiniku is also very strong and traps Bianca a couple of times, but Bianca will not give in and eventually tires Kiniku and turns the tables on her.  To be fair to Kiniku, this was videotaped after she handed Zac his ass, so she may have been a little winded.  That said, it's an entertaining match, and Kiniku gives her best account. The preview clip can be found here.  Bianca vs. Kiniku is 12.5 minutes in length.  Enjoy!
  • The night before the 2019 live event in Los Angeles, various producers, fans, jobbers and wrestlers were hanging out in different rooms at the host hotel, partying, wrestling, and shooting videos. Goddess Anat came over to Kip's room to introduce herself, and a few minutes later Ava Simone knocked on the door as well. They had never met, or wrestled each other before, so Kip talked them into wrestling each other right then and there. The 2 women engaged in a friendly/competitive female vs. female struggle for dominance for 18.5 minutes. Who wins, write us and let us know what you think! Free to Members of Utopia until 9-5-20. Enjoy!
  • Warrior Amazone vs. Ava Simone!
  • Videotaped at the <a href="" target="_blank"></a> live event, <a href="" target="_blank"></a> held a 3 women tournament. <a href="" target="_blank">Warrior Amazone</a> vs. <a href="" target="_blank">Ava Simone</a> vs. <a href="" target="_blank">Goddess Anat.</a> These 3 wrestling beauties square off against each other in the ring, and participate in 3 very competitive matches, with one women winning both of her contests. There is an excellent interview at the end with the winner. Who will that be? Check out all the action in <a href="" target="_blank">WW-13, Utopia's 3 Women Tournament</a> today. Enjoy!


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