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Utopia’s 3 Woman Tournament!


Videotaped at the <a href=”http://www.SessionGirls.com” target=”_blank”>SessionGirls.com</a> live event, <a href=”http://www.UtopiaEntertainment.com” target=”_blank”>UtopiaEntertainment.com</a> held a 3 women tournament. <a href=”http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/utopiastar.php?starid=323&starname=Warrior%20Amazone” target=”_blank”>Warrior Amazone</a> vs. <a href=”http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/utopiastar.php?starid=319&starname=Ava%20Simone” target=”_blank”>Ava Simone</a> vs. <a href=”http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/utopiastar.php?starid=322&starname=Goddess%20Anat” target=”_blank”>Goddess Anat.</a> These 3 wrestling beauties square off against each other in the ring, and participate in 3 very competitive matches, with one women winning both of her contests. There is an excellent interview at the end with the winner. Who will that be? Check out all the action in <a href=”http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/dvd.php?vid=WW-13″ target=”_blank”>WW-13, Utopia’s 3 Women Tournament</a> today. Enjoy!


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