Bianca Blance vs. Foxxy Squeeze!

Bianca Blance vs. Foxxy Squeeze!


(10.5 Mins.)

When we found out Bianca Blance was traveling to Germany last month, we reached out to our friend Foxxy Squeeze to see if she wanted to meet and wrestle against the female Italian (wrestling) “Stallion,”  Bianca is a 5’7,” 135 lb yoga practitioner, natural athlete and session wrestler from Italy.  Foxxy Squeeze is also 5’7″ as well, but 149 muscular pounds.  In setting up this match, we learned that Foxxy had never actually wrestled competitively against another woman before.  Indeed, her reputation is built on kicking men’s asses in sessions in her home city of Frankfurt.  But Foxxy is a gamer and she figured, “hey if I’m gonna go up against another woman, why not go up against one of the best!?”  Bianca takes Foxxy under her proverbial wing and teaches her some man squashing scissorholds (coming out in another video) before this match, and encourages her new German friend to be aggressive in wrestling against her.  But there’s no way Bianca is actually going to let Foxy submit her.  So in UTCS-219, Bianca Blance vs. Foxxy Squeeze, it’s largely business when our two session wrestling beauties go at it. Bianca comes at you from all angles. She’s really strong, deceptively fast, cunning, and her technique is getting better each day. Foxxy thinks she’s defending Bianca’s advances, and then BOOM, next thing you know, Bianca has her cruel legs wrapped around Foxxy’s core.  Anybody who has ever wrestled against Bianca knows, her body scissor is no joke. It literally paralyzes you, and only the strongest athletes survive the fall, or even the match once that occurs.  Still, we found Foxxy to be an entertaining, good natured and sexy participant.  Please enjoy Bianca Blance vs. Foxxy Squeeze!


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