Truly Competitive – Sheena vs. Flavio!

Truly Competitive – Sheena vs. Flavio!


(10.5 Mins.)

Sheena is a woman who needs no introduction. So when Kip starts out playing it straight in UTCS-216, with a “Holy Shit this Woman Can Really Wrestle” opening, Sheena starts busting his chops.  She gives Flavio an even harder time when he flexes his bicep as Kip says “this woman!”  If you’ve ever seen any of Sheena’s previous videos, you know 2 things. 1) she has a larger than life, fun-loving personality, and 2) she’s a complete wrestling, grappling badass!  Few people can actually compete with her, let alone win a fall or match, Flavio being possibly one of them.  If you had the pleasure of watching  Flavio vs. Bianca, then you know Flavio has some skill, and is actually really crafty on the mat.  Sheena starts out strong and makes quick work of Flavio with a guillotine early on. But in the second fall, Sheena tries an underhook throw that backfires, and Flavio takes her back.  Flavio learned some lessons against Bianca, and this time stays on Sheena’s back, relentlessly working for a rear naked choke and to everyone’s surprise, he actually earns a tap-out.  That’s right, Flavio submits Sheena with a rear naked choke / body triangle combination!  All that said, Flavio is tired after his brief victory and Sheena revenges her submission by completely working him over the rest of the match.  There are 6 submissions in this 10.5 minute contest. Enjoy!


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