Lexa Taps Out Steve! – Competitive Grappling

Lexa Taps Out Steve! – Competitive Grappling


(16 Mins.)

Lexa Stahl is a gorgeous physique athlete from somewhere out west, USA. She had a meteoric rise in bodybuilding and now she’s taking her talents to wrestling and grappling. Lexa is very proud of the progress she’s made in Jiu Jitsu in only one year of serious training, and she wanted to showcase her grappling ability.  Far be it from us to disappoint a woman like Lexa, so we pitted her against Steve and let them have at it.  Lexa essentially dominates a much bigger and stronger opponent, keeping Steve on the defensive throughout and gaining his submission a half dozen times!  UTCS-243, Lexa vs. Steve consists of a 4 minute long interview with Lexa at the beginning, followed by 11+ minutes of competitive grappling.  Purchase the clip and get Lexa’s contact information at the end.  Enjoy!


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