Ms Nika vs. Mel Fire!

Ms Nika vs. Mel Fire!


(10 Mins.)

Ms Nika and Mel Fire are 2 European women who love to wrestle men into gurgling submission.  During a recent shoot in the UK they realized they had never wrestled each other and they decided t settle things right then and there.  Both women weighed in at 155lbs., but Ms Nika spreads here’s on a nearly 5’10” frame which is roughly 3″ taller than Mel Fire.  While Nika gains advantage many times using her long, strong legs,  Mel is more of a power player.  The 2 beauties appear to be evenly matched on the mat as well as they take a 1-1 tie into the final submission.  Who wins?  Well you have to find that out by watching the clip!  UTCS-259 “Ms Nika vs. Mel Fire” is 10 minutes in length. Enjoy!


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