KO vs. Bianca!

KO vs. Bianca!


(13 Mins.)

Haven’t we all been waiting for this for some time now?  A living legend in female and mixed wrestling, KO,  squaring off against soon to be legend in her own right, Bianca Blance.  First a “tale of the tape,” measuring segment, then arm wrestling, and finally competitive grappling.  KO has been in the mixed wrestling scene for roughly 15 years now, while Bianca has been one of the most active female and mixed wrestling participants for the last 4 years.  KO is known for her massive size, incredible strength and jiu jitsu skill, while Bianca is known for her competitive spirit, level of fitness, speed and endurance, and her scrappy, “come at you from all angles” style.  UTCS-199, KO vs. Bianca is a classic size vs speed battle and on paper you might give it to KO just on reputation alone, but as they say in football, “That’s why they play the games!” It looked to us as if KO was a little smitten with the beautiful Italian wrestling babe, Bianca, but then who isn’t?  So maybe this is slightly less than full on competitive, but it is entertaining to say the least.  At one point near the end, both women are tired and sweaty and Bianca sneaks around to climb on KO’s back.  Watch how the crafty veteran escapes Bianca.  Who wins? You’ll have to watch KO vs. Bianca Part 1 to find out!  Part 2 is coming out next week and is a retaliation scissor battle!  The preview clip can be found here.  TRT 14 minutes, enjoy!


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