• MMA Roxy Whips Zac!

    12 Mins. $11.95
    MMA Roxy aka Roxy D. Luffy is a legit BJJ and MMA competitor from Italy now training and living in the UK. She recently decided to show off her skills in some wrestling videos, and we are lucky enough to present her to you. As of now, she is not participating in sessions, but who knows what the future will bring. She definitely is made of the right stuff as she loves to dominate and talk smack while scissoring and grappling men into humbling submission. Roxy is compact and strong at 5'3" and 121 lbs., and literally knows every hold and counter in the book. In UTCS-227, MMA Roxy whips Zac, Roxy has contracted to make a custom video for Utopia (this very video.) But Zac is spent after a whole day of wrestling against Roxy and is now playing video games. He says "Fuck Kip, fuck Utopia, and fuck you too" right to Roxy's face. That's all she needs to hear and she drags Zac to the mat for another wrestling smackdown! Holds of note include: arm drag takedown, front triangle choke, reverse triangle choke, arm bar, ankle choke, arm choke, head scissor, figure 4, body scissor, reverse head scissor, aerial side scissor, front scissor, and victory pose. About half way through, Roxy gets a little more comfortable and peels off her top, revealing a beautiful set of all natural (pierced) breasts. We're sure you'll love watching MMA Roxy whips Zac, Enjoy!
  • Buff blonde figure competitor Sunni Ray and sexy competitive powerlifter Macy Nikole are 2 session girls that compete on opposing flag football teams. They're tossing a football back and forth, dressed in their respective jerseys and matching thongs, but start flinging insults at each other as well. Next thing you know a challenge to wrestle is issued and it's on. Our 2 buff, beauties go at it with energy and enthusiasm and are competitively trying to submit each other. At first it seems as if Macy has the upper hand. She's able to trap Sunni in a front triangle and then a rear naked choke, but she can't quite seal the deal and Sunni somehow wiggled free from both treacherous holds. Macy is a little cocky at this point, and makes a mistake. She gets caught between Sunni's big legs and in trying to free herself leaves her neck and arm vulnerable for Sunni's arm choke. She flips Macy to her back and locks it in tight, with a vicious thigh scissor as well. To Macy's credit she doesn't panic, or give in, and after a nearly 2 minute struggle, she manages to break the hold. Sunni is visibly frustrated, and tired, and Macy looks to be back in control by ensnaring Sunni in a scissor, then a hammerlock, and finally another rear naked choke. Sunni is doing anything to break free, including trying to stand up with Macy clinging to her neck and back. But Macy is able to wrestle her back down to the mat. This might have been the end for Sunni Ray, but Macy, also exhausted, doesn't have the strength left to choke her out. When they break apart, cooler and exhausted heads prevail and the match ends in a draw. You'll have to decide who the winner is for yourselves. UTCS-221, Sunni Ray vs. Macy Nikole is 12.5 minutes in length, enjoy!
  • Kiniku vs. Zac!

    11.5 Mins. $10.95
    Kiniku is a super athletic German woman living in Spain. She is best known for her competitive spirit and 6-pack abs. She loves to wrestle both men and women and has been sessioning since 2015.  "Kiniku vs. Zac" is her first match for Utopia, thus an outdoor rendition of "Holy Shit this Woman Can Really Wrestle" shot on location in Barcelona, Spain.  Zac loves to wrestle as well, and at the beginning he makes fun of both Kiniku and Utopia and that is the last time he smiles for the rest of this match! Kiniku takes Zac down and works a nice variety of grappling locks including an arm triangle, rear naked choke and body scissor combination, armpit choke, leg triangle chokes, guillotine, and a few other brutal chokeholds.  Kiniku is really bearing down and out for blood, but Zac proves to be pretty tough.  However, the overall pressure Kiniku brings to bear on Zac's trapped neck is too overwhelming.  Now that Zac is softened up, it's scissortime!  When Kiniku scissors him, her legs expand with solid muscularity.  An aerial side scissor, several reverse scissors, a classic head scissor, followed by another grappling guillotine and rear naked choke, give way to some more scissor punishment as Kiniku straddles Zac and makes him submit as she victoriously flexes her awesome biceps.  Lastly a humiliating slap in his face to show once and for all who is boss!   The preview clip can be found here.  Kiniku vs. Zac is 11.5 minutes in length. Enjoy!
  • Lexi Art is a beautiful, lean, strong, wrestling badass from New Orleans, LA.  Introduced to the scene by another session girl a couple of years ago,  Lexi took to wrestling with ease, because her body is made of steel.  She is pound for pound one of the strongest women on the site and backs that up with physicality, flexibility, cunning, and speed.  Some of the strength moves this women can pull off (like one-legged squats to the floor with the other leg stretched straight out) are downright incredible. And she does them routinely!  Combine that with tenacity,  boundless energy, and enthusiasm, she will most likely, straight-up, kick your ass!   UTCS-156, Lexi vs. Ed is a semi-competitive match, but it became evident from the outset, Ed was in over his head.  Lexi has one of the most brutal grapevines on the planet.  It's bad enough when she first slaps it on Ed, but then she immediately hip snaps and spreads her legs out with stunning authority.   This not only feels like she's going to tear his legs off from the hips down, but the force of her slamming up against his solar-plexus knocked the wind out of him.   He's paralyzed in her grip and tapping is immediate and frantic.  But then she combines it with a headlock and smashes his face while smothering him against her chest and he's in downright agony.  Watch as she tenses every muscle in her legs, back and arms as they become engorged with power.  Her body is an anatomy lesson!  From that moment on, he's in complete survival mode, and Lexi knows she's got him!  Nothing will save him and Lexi maneuvers him into hold after grueling hold.  Check out Lexi Art as she dominates Ed in another installment of "Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!"  TRT 14 minutes, enjoy!
  • Muscle Vixen (formerly Monix) came to Utopia in fantastic shape, and in the prime of her mixed session wrestling career.  At 5'4" and 145 well distributed lbs., this IFBB Pro bodybuilder sports legit 15" biceps, 26" thighs, and 16" calves.  Suffice it to say the second this woman wraps her thighs around your chicken neck, you realize instantly that you are in trouble!  And so it goes with victim Daniel.  In MW-146, Feel the Power of My Legs, Daniel wants to wrestle competitively, but the moment he feels her initial headlock as she takes him down to the mat, he knows this is a different woman.  But when she clamps on the first head scissor and he gets a taste of the power Muscle Vixen hold in her legs, he knows he better not really fight back, lest wear a neck brace for the next 6 months.  The secret Muscle Vixen guards is that she has been weight training since she was a teenager in Brazil, and has studied and excelled in several martial arts.  Wrestling, scissoring and grappling comes naturally to her, but she is also ultra-competitive.  Make no mistake, when she steps on the mat in this video, it is for the sole purpose to win, show off, and make Daniel know that he has just had his ass handed to him by a superior woman!  Holds of note include: front scissor, throat scissor, body scissor, rear naked choke, classic head scissor, figure 4, camel clutch, grapevine, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, arm bar, reverse triangle choke, aerial side scissor, side scissor 4, standing scissor, some fantastic bicep flexing and facesitting.  Highlighting the action are 3 segments in which Muscle Vixen fans her incredible, muscular gams out wide, or up high, and then slams them over and over again into Daniel's trapped neck.   It's awesome!  Excellent lighting, excellent camerawork, and a special woman are always a recipe for a great video, and this one hits all 3!  TRT 30 minutes, enjoy!
  • Sexy Brit Dakotarose returns to Utopia and poses a simple question to her opponent ... "Do You Think You Can Escape My Scissors?" Dakota, wearing a shear 2 piece thong bra and pantie set, is always in incredible shape. Boasting 8 pack abs, with cut obliques, and beautiful shapely biceps. It's no wonder she's one of the hottest mixed wrestlers on the planet! She told him at the start "I'm really going to use my legs on you," and that's exactly what she does. Dakota throws him down to the mat at the start and climbs on him for a dominating 12 minute scissoring. Dakota has a grappling background as well, so when she traps him in a front triangle near the beginning, she has him begging to be released in seconds. Its pass out or tap out, but Dakotarose is just getting started and he is now putty in her legs. Classic head scissors, front scissors, body scissors and reverse scissors are all employed to overwhelm the wimpy male and then Dakotarose adds insult to injury, by standing over him in a classic double bicep victory pose. You won't want to miss Dakotarose, she's the gorgeous, blonde, Brit-next-door who can legit kick your ass!  TRT 12 Minutes, enjoy!
  • Dakotarose is a beautiful, all natural, 5’7” 123lb fitness athlete from the UK.  We found Dakota on social media and she told us that she was a shy, tomboy growing up, excelling at several sports, and has been doing sessions for about 2 years now, because she missed the competition she enjoyed as a young woman.  She loves to mix it up on the mats and dominate men in wrestling sessions, “with my strong legs and six pack abs." Our friend Pippa in the UK captured this video of Dakota for us. In UTCS-125, I'm Too Strong For You, Dakota displays a really sexy style of wrestling, as she loves to look right into the camera while trapping her victim in an inescapable guillotine or grueling scissorhold. Then telling him how pathetic he is for not being able to escape her clutches. We found out, as you will, that Dakota has a bit of a mean streak too, because when he is completely helpless, she pours it on with jolts of full power.  We loved the sexy look on her face when she bears down, followed by a cute smile, a flex of her biceps, and verbal taunt.  Holds of note include: takedown, guillotine, triangle, front scissor, body scissor, rear naked choke and tons of sexy flexing.  Dakota wears a low cut thong, cut-out 1 piece that can barely contain her natural assets.  She has this chap exhausted, beaten and begging for mercy in minutes.  Enjoy!
  • Syclone is a beautiful, built, 23 year old blonde with possibly the best pair of genetically gifted legs on the planet! I mean thick, muscular, slabs of concrete with calves in the 16" range. When she walks down the street in her daisy dukes, every single head turns (including women) to watch in awe as her legs pound the pavement. Syclone is not humble though, and she was smack-talking Lance all day, which lead to UTCS-121, Syclone vs. Lance! Lance is much bigger and heavier, but once Syclone gets him in her scissorhold, she saps his energy and strength. Syclone practiced the Brazilian martial art Capoeira for years which included takedowns and ground grappling, so she knows how to get you down and then maneuver you into her deadly vice. Once trapped, it's beg to be released or say goodnight! Holds of note include grapevine, body scissor, head scissor, figure 4, front head scissor, front figure 4, reverse head scissor, reverse scissor 4, and a front triangle choke in which Lance desperately tries to free himself before Syclone nearly knocks him out. Dressed in a sexy checkered bikini with blue trim, Syclone is really proud of her biceps too, so she flexes over lance all match whenever she gets dominant position. Check out sexy Syclone whipping up on Lance today!   TRT 21 minutes, enjoy!
  • Cypruss Allure is a beautiful, skilled Judoka who takes no prisoners on the mat. She's put on about 17 lbs of muscle since we first met her, so her combination of skill, strength and size make it nearly impossible for her opponent to escape when she gets on top. Possessing amazing balance, Cypruss now combines that with 25" tree trunk thighs!  Derrick is roughly 7" taller and 33 lbs. heavier but she proves once again, "size isn't everything!" Derrick has been embarrassed by Cypruss before, so in UTCS-119, Cypruss Allure Dismantles Derrick, he comes out determined to get at least one fall on her, but it takes her about 1 minute to take him down and submits him in an arm bar.  The rest of the match, Cypruss puts Derrick in a variety of Judo holds, throws, locks and submissions totally dismantling our young victim. Wearing her traditional judo gi, with her brown belt and bare legs, Derrick says midway through, "She's definitely earned that belt she's wearing!"  You'll love watching Cypruss Allure completely dominate Derrick on the mat.  TRT 17.5 minutes, enjoy!
  • Ultra-hot British fitness woman Dakotarose returns to Utopia to play her favorite scissor game. In UTCS-132, Dakotarose's Scissor Game, jobber Gary has 1 minute to escape Dakota's scissorholds. If he can't escape, she gets to go full-out for 15 seconds. If he does escape, Dakota owes him 20 Quid. A "Quid" btw, is a slang British expression for a pound sterling (currently $1.39) similar to how we sometimes refer to a dollar as a buck. So for the math majors out there, 20 Quid is roughly $27.70. This is for every time he escapes. So Gary stands to make a lot of money. Dakota, dressed in a sheer, red, cut-out teddy that barely contains her natural assets, starts out with a good old-fashioned head scissor and pours it on. With that much money on the line, she gives him zero chance of escape during the first minute. Then as rules of the game are, she gets to brutally squeeze him for the next 15 seconds. When they're done with the first hold, he's already desperate and tired, but still wanting to try to cash in, as Dakota locks him up in: body scissors, a front triangle, a front scissor, a reverse head scissor and a reverse figure 4. Does Gary get rich, or get punished throughout? Well, this is Utopia! Enjoy!
  • In MW-137, Beg Me to Let You Go, voluptuous wrestling/grappling legend Yasmin, is also looking for scissor video victims. In walks actor Jeff who promptly tells her "That's ridiculous!" Yasmin warns him right away that she will make him "beg for mercy," but he obviously doesn't believe her. First I want to say ... Everything you have ever heard about Yasmin's uncannily strong scissorhold is true! I have personally witnessed many men making the same error with Yasmin. And, I have personally been a victim of her crushing scissors. One look at this gorgeous Brazilian woman, with her ample breasts protruding from her triangle top, her smooth, tan skin and luscious tush and you're thinking "she doesn't have enough muscle to defeat me!" Then she gets you into her rib-bending triangle body scissor and you're instantly feeling like she might actually cave in your chest. You realize immediately who is in control and if you don't do exactly as instructed, she will hurt you. In this video, Yamin completely trains Jeff. You'll follow along as he openly defies her, then experiences her power. He aggressively tries to escape to no avail because she's a grappling expert and controls him at her whim. Soon he realizes he has no escape and that is when Yasmin really asserts her dominance. Over and over she crushes him in a variety of wrestling, grappling and submission tactics until he is begging for mercy. He's beyond acting and desperate to survive, as Yasmin makes him her newest slaveboy. Yasmin is one of the sexiest, most dominant wrestlers in the world, and as she instructs you to massage her muscular ass and thighs, you'll do it ... or else!  TRT 30 minutes, enjoy!
  • Talia is an all natural fitness beauty with flawless tan skin, densely packed muscle and a knack for trapping men in her grueling scissorholds. And so it is with this role-play, MW-136, The Deadbeat's Demise!  Talia's deadbeat boyfriend has a hare-brained plan to keep from working, and that is to turn Talia out as a wrestler for videos. What Dan doesn't know is Talia's dad was a state champion wrestler in his own right, and taught her a ton of moves when she was little. As Talia explains while Dan is suffering in a stifling figure 4 "I've been putting boys in their place since I was 5!" Dan makes the mistake of "showing" Talia how to do a classic scissor and actual puts his head right between her meaty gams. This proves his undoing as Talia doesn't let him go for 30 solid minutes. Talia is the queen of long, prolonged scissor sequences, in which she zaps his will to survive and strength to escape. She is now "teaching" him her moves, highlighted by a 7 minute classic scissor and scissor 4, 7 minute long front scissor and front figure 4 and an 8+ minute reverse scissor and reverse figure 4. In the end Talia has one more move to show Dan and that is her devastating front triangle choke in which she actually knocks him out to end this video and their relationship. She locks him in for the last 40 seconds, but he goes from frantic to completely out in about 3 seconds. His last words, "I'm out, I'm out!" It's pretty cool! TRT 31.5 minutes, enjoy!
  • Recently was kind enough to shoot a couple of clips for us at their most recent event. This weeks feature is exceptional wrestler Jolene Hexx vs. Ed, in another installment of Holy Shit This Woman Can Really Wrestle! If you know anything about Kip and Utopia, you know Kip rarely reveals to the guys who they will be wrestling beforehand. He doesn't want anyone chickening out, or backing out last minute for any reason and such is the case with Ed. Jolene has beat Ed's ass severely a few other times and Kip felt he might be scared to face her, so Kip doesn't tell him. That said, Kip didn't tell Jolene either, only saying to her that she would be pleasantly surprised. So when Jolene skips onto the mat, there stands Ed. Jolene is one of the fiercest wrestlers on the circuit and she's tall, lean, skilled and aggressive. Jolene attacks Ed and takes him down immediately with a guillotine, then maneuvering into a reverse head scissor, thus getting 3 brutal submissions inside of the first 30 seconds of the match. The rest of the contest pretty much goes the same way, as Jolene savagely submits Ed over and over again. We counted 25 tap-outs in all. An awesome, nearly 3 tap-a-minute pace. It's no wonder, just look at the list of holds Jolene throws down ... incredible! Check out Jolene Hexx vs. Ed/a> today. Enjoy!


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