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Beg Me to Let You Go!


In MW-137, Beg Me to Let You Go, voluptuous wrestling/grappling legend Yasmin, is also looking for scissor video victims. In walks actor Jeff who promptly tells her “That’s ridiculous!” Yasmin warns him right away that she will make him “beg for mercy,” but he obviously doesn’t believe her. First I want to say … Everything you have ever heard about Yasmin’s uncannily strong scissorhold is true! I have personally witnessed many men making the same error with Yasmin. And, I have personally been a victim of her crushing scissors. One look at this gorgeous Brazilian woman, with her ample breasts protruding from her triangle top, her smooth, tan skin and luscious tush and you’re thinking “she doesn’t have enough muscle to defeat me!” Then she gets you into her rib-bending triangle body scissor and you’re instantly feeling like she might actually cave in your chest. You realize immediately who is in control and if you don’t do exactly as instructed, she will hurt you. In this video, Yamin completely trains Jeff. You’ll follow along as he openly defies her, then experiences her power. He aggressively tries to escape to no avail because she’s a grappling expert and controls him at her whim. Soon he realizes he has no escape and that is when Yasmin really asserts her dominance. Over and over she crushes him in a variety of wrestling, grappling and submission tactics until he is begging for mercy. He’s beyond acting and desperate to survive, as Yasmin makes him her newest slaveboy. Yasmin is one of the sexiest, most dominant wrestlers in the world, and as she instructs you to massage her muscular ass and thighs, you’ll do it … or else! ┬áTRT 30 minutes, enjoy!


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