The Deadbeat’s Demise!

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The Deadbeat’s Demise!


Talia is an all natural fitness beauty with flawless tan skin, densely packed muscle and a knack for trapping men in her grueling scissorholds. And so it is with this role-play, MW-136, The Deadbeat’s Demise! ┬áTalia’s deadbeat boyfriend has a hare-brained plan to keep from working, and that is to turn Talia out as a wrestler for videos. What Dan doesn’t know is Talia’s dad was a state champion wrestler in his own right, and taught her a ton of moves when she was little. As Talia explains while Dan is suffering in a stifling figure 4 “I’ve been putting boys in their place since I was 5!” Dan makes the mistake of “showing” Talia how to do a classic scissor and actual puts his head right between her meaty gams. This proves his undoing as Talia doesn’t let him go for 30 solid minutes. Talia is the queen of long, prolonged scissor sequences, in which she zaps his will to survive and strength to escape. She is now “teaching” him her moves, highlighted by a 7 minute classic scissor and scissor 4, 7 minute long front scissor and front figure 4 and an 8+ minute reverse scissor and reverse figure 4. In the end Talia has one more move to show Dan and that is her devastating front triangle choke in which she actually knocks him out to end this video and their relationship. She locks him in for the last 40 seconds, but he goes from frantic to completely out in about 3 seconds. His last words, “I’m out, I’m out!” It’s pretty cool! TRT 31.5 minutes, enjoy!


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