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Jolene Hexx vs. Ed!


Recently was kind enough to shoot a couple of clips for us at their most recent event. This weeks feature is exceptional wrestler Jolene Hexx vs. Ed,
in another installment of Holy Shit This Woman Can Really Wrestle! If you know anything about Kip and Utopia, you know Kip rarely reveals to the guys who they will be wrestling beforehand. He doesn’t want anyone chickening out, or backing out last minute for any reason and such is the case with Ed. Jolene has beat Ed’s ass severely a few other times and Kip felt he might be scared to face her, so Kip doesn’t tell him. That said, Kip didn’t tell Jolene either, only saying to her that she would be pleasantly surprised. So when Jolene skips onto the mat, there stands Ed. Jolene is one of the fiercest wrestlers on the circuit and she’s tall, lean, skilled and aggressive. Jolene attacks Ed and takes him down immediately with a guillotine, then maneuvering into a reverse head scissor, thus getting 3 brutal submissions inside of the first 30 seconds of the match. The rest of the contest pretty much goes the same way, as Jolene savagely submits Ed over and over again. We counted 25 tap-outs in all. An awesome, nearly 3
tap-a-minute pace. It’s no wonder, just look at the list of holds Jolene throws down … incredible! Check out
Jolene Hexx vs. Ed/a> today. Enjoy!


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