Lexi vs. Ed!

Lexi vs. Ed!


(14 Mins.)

Lexi Art is a beautiful, lean, strong, wrestling badass from New Orleans, LA.  Introduced to the scene by another session girl a couple of years ago,  Lexi took to wrestling with ease, because her body is made of steel.  She is pound for pound one of the strongest women on the site and backs that up with physicality, flexibility, cunning, and speed.  Some of the strength moves this women can pull off (like one-legged squats to the floor with the other leg stretched straight out) are downright incredible. And she does them routinely!  Combine that with tenacity,  boundless energy, and enthusiasm, she will most likely, straight-up, kick your ass!   UTCS-156, Lexi vs. Ed is a semi-competitive match, but it became evident from the outset, Ed was in over his head.  Lexi has one of the most brutal grapevines on the planet.  It’s bad enough when she first slaps it on Ed, but then she immediately hip snaps and spreads her legs out with stunning authority.   This not only feels like she’s going to tear his legs off from the hips down, but the force of her slamming up against his solar-plexus knocked the wind out of him.   He’s paralyzed in her grip and tapping is immediate and frantic.  But then she combines it with a headlock and smashes his face while smothering him against her chest and he’s in downright agony.  Watch as she tenses every muscle in her legs, back and arms as they become engorged with power.  Her body is an anatomy lesson!  From that moment on, he’s in complete survival mode, and Lexi knows she’s got him!  Nothing will save him and Lexi maneuvers him into hold after grueling hold.  Check out Lexi Art as she dominates Ed in another installment of “Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!”  TRT 14 minutes, enjoy!


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