Dakotarose’s Scissor Game!

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Dakotarose’s Scissor Game!


Ultra-hot British fitness woman Dakotarose returns to Utopia to play her favorite scissor game. In UTCS-132, Dakotarose’s Scissor Game, jobber Gary has 1 minute to escape Dakota’s scissorholds. If he can’t escape, she gets to go full-out for 15 seconds. If he does escape, Dakota owes him 20 Quid. A “Quid” btw, is a slang British expression for a pound sterling (currently $1.39) similar to how we sometimes refer to a dollar as a buck. So for the math majors out there, 20 Quid is roughly $27.70. This is for every time he escapes. So Gary stands to make a lot of money. Dakota, dressed in a sheer, red, cut-out teddy that barely contains her natural assets, starts out with a good old-fashioned head scissor and pours it on. With that much money on the line, she gives him zero chance of escape during the first minute. Then as rules of the game are, she gets to brutally squeeze him for the next 15 seconds. When they’re done with the first hold, he’s already desperate and tired, but still wanting to try to cash in, as Dakota locks him up in: body scissors, a front triangle, a front scissor, a reverse head scissor and a reverse figure 4. Does Gary get rich, or get punished throughout? Well, this is Utopia! Enjoy!


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