• Clean the Pool Loser!

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    Pamela Strong is a gorgeous, athletic, Ukrainian session wrestler living in Italy. She spent the summer wrestling men in exotic locations while cultivating a deep tan. This topless video was produced just days ago, and Pam looks simply luscious!  In UTCS-240, Clean the Pool Loser, Pam has defeated Zac once again, this time in her oil pool and she is standing over him triumphantly flexing in her victory pose.  Their agreement was winner can have the loser do anything they want.  Pam feels she is going easy on him by commanding him to clean the pool.  However, even on his back, Zac defiantly says no, and this sends Pam into a scissoring frenzy.  Pam drops down on Zac for the first of many reverse scissorholds and reverse figure 4's.  Zac is spent from just being annihilated, so he is not able to mount much resistance, and this video becomes a visual showcase of Pam in wrestling, scissoring, facesitting, domination!  Other holds of note include: head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, side scissor, side figure 4, grapevine, breast smother, ankle choke, trampling, reverse facesit, armbar, foot domination, straddle, flexing and ball grabbing!  Sexy Pamela is cruel as can be and she loves nothing better than to thrash  Zac.  Buy the clip and get Pamela's contact information at the end.  Enjoy!
  • Lexa Stahl is a gorgeous physique athlete from somewhere out west, USA. She had a meteoric rise in bodybuilding and now she's taking her talents to wrestling and grappling. Lexa is very proud of the progress she's made in Jiu Jitsu in only one year of serious training, and she wanted to showcase her grappling ability.  Far be it from us to disappoint a woman like Lexa, so we pitted her against Steve and let them have at it.  Lexa essentially dominates a much bigger and stronger opponent, keeping Steve on the defensive throughout and gaining his submission a half dozen times!  UTCS-243, Lexa vs. Steve consists of a 4 minute long interview with Lexa at the beginning, followed by 11+ minutes of competitive grappling.  Purchase the clip and get Lexa's contact information at the end.  Enjoy!
  • Sheena is a woman who needs no introduction. So when Kip starts out playing it straight in UTCS-216, with a "Holy Shit this Woman Can Really Wrestle" opening, Sheena starts busting his chops.  She gives Flavio an even harder time when he flexes his bicep as Kip says "this woman!"  If you've ever seen any of Sheena's previous videos, you know 2 things. 1) she has a larger than life, fun-loving personality, and 2) she's a complete wrestling, grappling badass!  Few people can actually compete with her, let alone win a fall or match, Flavio being possibly one of them.  If you had the pleasure of watching  Flavio vs. Bianca, then you know Flavio has some skill, and is actually really crafty on the mat.  Sheena starts out strong and makes quick work of Flavio with a guillotine early on. But in the second fall, Sheena tries an underhook throw that backfires, and Flavio takes her back.  Flavio learned some lessons against Bianca, and this time stays on Sheena's back, relentlessly working for a rear naked choke and to everyone's surprise, he actually earns a tap-out.  That's right, Flavio submits Sheena with a rear naked choke / body triangle combination!  All that said, Flavio is tired after his brief victory and Sheena revenges her submission by completely working him over the rest of the match.  There are 6 submissions in this 10.5 minute contest. Enjoy!
  • Bianca Blance is a 5'7", 135 lb yoga practitioner, natural athlete and session wrestler from Italy.  Muscle Dolly is a 5'6", 150 lb female bodybuilder and session wrestler from Hungary.  Both these women are well known in wrestling sessions and videos so it was natural to match these two against each other in UTCS-209, Truly Competitive, Bianca vs. Dolly!  This is a classic battle of the bodybuilder (Dolly) vs. the fitness enthusiast (Bianca.)  On paper you would feel that maybe Dolly, with her strength, muscle mass and weight advantage might win out.  But Bianca's strength and conditioning is second to none and she is training ongoing in BJJ, wrestling and boxing.  So as Kip always says, "that's why we play the games!"  Early on in the match, Bianca is able to trap Dolly in a guard body scissor right up under Dolly's ribs and earns a quick tapout.  However, in the next face-off, Dolly is able to pull Bianca into her guard.  Bianca, twisting to try and free herself from Dolly's strong legs gives up her neck accidentally and Dolly gets Bianca in a brutal headlock.  For the next 2.5 minutes Dolly squeezes the crap out of Bianca, but the determined  Italian "Stallion" never gives up.  Eventually tiring Dolly, Bianca miraculously escapes, completely turning the tables on Dolly and winning the fall with a cross body pin and Kimora.  We've seen this behavior before with Bianca, where she makes an early mistake, but because she is relentless in her will to survive and never tapout, she is able to outlast and exhaust her opponents to where victory becomes inevitable.  And there it is, Dolly is game the rest of the way, but with her strength advantage zapped, she becomes no match for Bianca's superior conditioning and skill.  Indeed, Bianca is just getting warmed up!  You can see the body language of the 2 athletes shift, with Bianca triumphantly flexing after each fall and Dolly looking visibly shaken and frustrated.  But Bianca enjoyed this day and goes hard on Dolly, forcing the Hungarian to retaliate with whatever she has.  In the last fall Dolly tries to save face and fervently attacks Bianca, but once again falls prey to a vicious body scissor.  Please enjoy, UTCS-209, Truly Competitive, Bianca vs. Dolly!
  • Pamela Strong is a sexy, fit, Ukrainian session wrestler and BJJ practitioner now living in Italy.  In UTCS-208, Pamela Strong Schools Zac, Pam has been invited to a costume party and she is modeling her new schoolgirl outfit in the mirror, when her friend Zac comes in and insults her.  He tells her she's being "ridiculous," and can't be an "innocent schoolgirl" because she's more like a "dominatrix and hooker," than a schoolgirl.  This sets Pam off, and she headlock throws Zac onto the bed and attacks him. Pam is quite accomplished at wrestling, grappling, scissoring, and other fetish arts such as, facesitting and foot worship and she destroys Zac using all of the above.  First in this ultra-hot clip, Pamela pins Zac down with an innovative arm lock using her leg to nearly break it, as she strips off the top with her legs spread open, revealing her incredible tits.  Then she mounts his face with her strong thighs and grinds him into the bed.  Soon she's peeled off her schoolgirl costume completely, wearing only the sheer white thong panties. Then she proceeds to totally thrash Zac, turning him up down and sideways. When Pamela gets going, you never know what she may do next and she is downright vicious in some of this clip.  Holds of note include: head scissor, figure 4, front head scissor, rear naked choke, scissor smashes, facesitting, smothering, foot domination, foot slapping, tit slamming, reverse head scissor, reverse figure 4 and more.  Sexy Pamela Strong is the new queen of mean and she's right here on Utopia.  See the clip and get Pamela's contact information at the end. Enjoy!
  • When we got the call that Sheena was going to be at the Arnold Classic this year competing in Wellness, we knew we could not pass up the opportunity to shoot this special woman in contest shape. You heard us right, Sheena in contest shape! Utopia has been to the Arnold many times over the years, but indeed Sheena's appearance made this a special one. So off to Columbus we traveled and shooting this Hungarian beauty was our first official order of business. Let's discuss for a moment Sheena's contest condition. Magnificent, flawless, breathtaking, and beautiful! Muscular, rock hard, tan and strong. In this role-play, Sheena is mad at her trainer because she missed her peak ever so slightly and came in a little smooth. (Not really, this is just a role-play remember?) When he says "It's on you, not me," Sheena goes ballistic. When she slaps on the first of many scissorholds, she says "now this is on you!" Meaning her beefy man-engulfing thighs! Sheena has been getting more comfortable in her own skin this last year, and she wanted to show off for her fans the body that she has worked really hard for. So she wears the tiniest 1-piece monokini thong she's ever worn in a wrestling video. Thank you Sheena! She completely works over her disrespectful trainer with a variety of pro and amateur wrestling moves that are astonishing in their precision and intensity. Some of the positions she twists him into, we have literally never seen before. Presenting Sheena at her luscious, muscular best in Personal Trainer Trouncing! Enjoy!


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