Personal Trainer Trouncing!

Personal Trainer Trouncing!


(14 Mins.)

When we got the call that Sheena was going to be at the Arnold Classic this year competing in Wellness, we knew we could not pass up the opportunity to shoot this special woman in contest shape. You heard us right, Sheena in contest shape! Utopia has been to the Arnold many times over the years, but indeed Sheena’s appearance made this a special one. So off to Columbus we traveled and shooting this Hungarian beauty was our first official order of business. Let’s discuss for a moment Sheena’s contest condition. Magnificent, flawless, breathtaking, and beautiful! Muscular, rock hard, tan and strong. In this role-play, Sheena is mad at her trainer because she missed her peak ever so slightly and came in a little smooth. (Not really, this is just a role-play remember?) When he says “It’s on you, not me,” Sheena goes ballistic. When she slaps on the first of many scissorholds, she says “now this is on you!” Meaning her beefy man-engulfing thighs! Sheena has been getting more comfortable in her own skin this last year, and she wanted to show off for her fans the body that she has worked really hard for. So she wears the tiniest 1-piece monokini thong she’s ever worn in a wrestling video. Thank you Sheena! She completely works over her disrespectful trainer with a variety of pro and amateur wrestling moves that are astonishing in their precision and intensity. Some of the positions she twists him into, we have literally never seen before. Presenting Sheena at her luscious, muscular best in Personal Trainer Trouncing! Enjoy!


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