Pamela Strong Schools Zac!

Pamela Strong Schools Zac!


(12 Mins.)

Pamela Strong is a sexy, fit, Ukrainian session wrestler and BJJ practitioner now living in Italy.  In UTCS-208, Pamela Strong Schools Zac, Pam has been invited to a costume party and she is modeling her new schoolgirl outfit in the mirror, when her friend Zac comes in and insults her.  He tells her she’s being “ridiculous,” and can’t be an “innocent schoolgirl” because she’s more like a “dominatrix and hooker,” than a schoolgirl.  This sets Pam off, and she headlock throws Zac onto the bed and attacks him. Pam is quite accomplished at wrestling, grappling, scissoring, and other fetish arts such as, facesitting and foot worship and she destroys Zac using all of the above.  First in this ultra-hot clip, Pamela pins Zac down with an innovative arm lock using her leg to nearly break it, as she strips off the top with her legs spread open, revealing her incredible tits.  Then she mounts his face with her strong thighs and grinds him into the bed.  Soon she’s peeled off her schoolgirl costume completely, wearing only the sheer white thong panties. Then she proceeds to totally thrash Zac, turning him up down and sideways. When Pamela gets going, you never know what she may do next and she is downright vicious in some of this clip.  Holds of note include: head scissor, figure 4, front head scissor, rear naked choke, scissor smashes, facesitting, smothering, foot domination, foot slapping, tit slamming, reverse head scissor, reverse figure 4 and more.  Sexy Pamela Strong is the new queen of mean and she’s right here on Utopia.  See the clip and get Pamela’s contact information at the end. Enjoy!


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