• Sunni Ray vs. Ranger!

    16.5 Mins. $14.95
    NPC Figure competitor and well known catfighter Sunni Ray. has been working hard on her wrestling skills and has been touring the US trouncing men in wrestling sessions.  In UTCS-218, Sunni Ray vs. Ranger, Sunni puts her new wrestling skills on full display against newcomer Ranger.  That said, don't get it twisted friends, Sunni knows where her bread is buttered and that's in-between her thick, creamy, yet muscular thighs.  First Ranger goes for the takedown, but Sunni grabs him and pivots and puts Ranger flat on his back, where she captures him in a grueling grapevine.  Totally pinned underneath her, she first tortures him with some awesome hip thrusts, before passing to one side while still scissoring one leg, and trapping him in a rear naked choke.  Then she passes underneath his neck again and grabs his other arm for a classic crucifix. Now Ranger is in prime position for what Sunni Ray does best.  Scissor!  Sunni deftly pulls his head back and straps on a brutal throat scissor.  Ranger is tapping and clutching at Sunni's enormous gams, but she rolls right into the first of 2 reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4 sequences. Combined with a sexy reverse facesit and flexing, this is over 3.5 minutes by itself!   Then Sunni gets right behind Ranger in a classic head scissor and figure 4 sequence, purely aimed at punishing her victim. There is some excellent scissor snaps in this 4 minute long scissor, with Sunni Ray going hard, staying relentless and then transitions to a throat collapsing figure 4.  Next, Sunni pins Ranger in one of her new moves, the Banana Split, before she Chicken Wings him into a reverse figure 4.  This is the 2nd reverse sequence and it's nearly 2 minutes by itself. Now with Ranger unable to defend himself, Sunni goes for the throat, literally, by imprisoning him in an inescapable death grip.  He hits her in the face by accident, which pisses Sunni Ray off a little bit and so she keeps him tapping for nearly 2 minutes before she finally lets him submit.  She flips him to his back and stands triumphantly over him in a double bicep victory pose!  This is the mixed wrestling video we've been wanting Sunni Ray. to make!  TRT 16.5 minutes, enjoy!
  • Roxanne Laroux is a sexy all-natural athlete, fire dancer, yogi and session wrestling. Her lean physique is all muscle and she has amazing balance, flexibility and innate strength.  In UTCS-158, Roxanne vs. Ed, Ed is confident at the beginning of the match, however Roxanne is really fast and aggressive and immediately takes him down with a nice headlock throw.  There she either pins, or makes Ed tap over a dozen times in the first 5 minutes.  He's already exhausted and humiliated, and then falls prey to a variety of head crushing scissor holds. Her favorite move is a real wrestling guillotine, which is different than a grappling guillotine, although she traps him in one of those as well.  That's what makes Roxanne so good, you never know where she's coming from and she's so quick and strong, it's hard to trap her into any hold of your own.  Couple that with long, strong, deadly legs that she uses to scissor from any angle, and you'll understand, as Ed does, why you're constantly battling from behind, tapping from some excruciating locks, or completely trapped and being pinned underneath her. Her hip-thrusting grapevine is legendary as she locks you in and thrusts so violently it literally knocks the wind out of you.  Holds of note include takedown, crucifix, guillotine, cross body pin, side scissor, rear naked choke, front scissor, reverse armpit choke, hip thrusting grapevine, classic head scissor, classic figure 4, reverse head scissor and a reverse figure 4, flexing and victory pose. TRT 10 minutes, Enjoy! The preview clip can be found here.
  • Lexi vs. Ed!

    14 Mins. $12.95
    Lexi Art is a beautiful, lean, strong, wrestling badass from New Orleans, LA.  Introduced to the scene by another session girl a couple of years ago,  Lexi took to wrestling with ease, because her body is made of steel.  She is pound for pound one of the strongest women on the site and backs that up with physicality, flexibility, cunning, and speed.  Some of the strength moves this women can pull off (like one-legged squats to the floor with the other leg stretched straight out) are downright incredible. And she does them routinely!  Combine that with tenacity,  boundless energy, and enthusiasm, she will most likely, straight-up, kick your ass!   UTCS-156, Lexi vs. Ed is a semi-competitive match, but it became evident from the outset, Ed was in over his head.  Lexi has one of the most brutal grapevines on the planet.  It's bad enough when she first slaps it on Ed, but then she immediately hip snaps and spreads her legs out with stunning authority.   This not only feels like she's going to tear his legs off from the hips down, but the force of her slamming up against his solar-plexus knocked the wind out of him.   He's paralyzed in her grip and tapping is immediate and frantic.  But then she combines it with a headlock and smashes his face while smothering him against her chest and he's in downright agony.  Watch as she tenses every muscle in her legs, back and arms as they become engorged with power.  Her body is an anatomy lesson!  From that moment on, he's in complete survival mode, and Lexi knows she's got him!  Nothing will save him and Lexi maneuvers him into hold after grueling hold.  Check out Lexi Art as she dominates Ed in another installment of "Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!"  TRT 14 minutes, enjoy!
  • We met Temptress Pixie in Vegas, where she was dressed up for a Saturday night out on the town and we could see how beautiful, and fit she is. We started talking and found her to be truly engaging and enlightening. An athlete since she was a young girl, Pixie as an adult has honed her body from years of lifting and yoga.  She can bend her body in all sorts of cool poses, and squirm out of anything you might try to capture her into.  She has done some bikini and figure contests, but she confided that now she a lifestyle dominatrix. I asked her if she offered muscle domination and scissoring in her sessions and although she did often use her strength to control her subs, her control was more mental than physical.  I offered her the opportunity to learn some wrestling moves and the next thing you know we were practicing and shooting the very next day.  We are truly grateful to present Temptress Pixie to fans of Utopia in UTCS-145, Pixie Dusts Ed!   We found out as you will, that as a natural competitor, Pixie is aggressive, and really strong for her size.  She will have you on the defensive in seconds, has thighs as hard as an anvil and they fit tight up against your carotid artery!  If she gets you in between her taught muscular gams, it's tap out or pass out.  Pixie traps Ed in every scissor and figure 4 she knows including: classic, front, side, side reverse and reverse and mixes in a rear naked choke, a full nelson and a pussy choke straddle ... lol that's what we named it.  Then she climbs on Ed's face for some awesome facesitting and lastly stands over his exhausted torso in a brilliant double bicep victory pose.  Temptress Pixie is out newest wrestling star on Utopia and we know you're going to love her as much as we do!  TRT 10.5 minutes, enjoy!
  • is proud to introduce physique competitor Backzilla to the mixed wrestling world.  Just in time for Halloween is a fun and sexy role-play in which Backzilla puts on a tiny, silver, g-string bikini, to go to a party dressed as Backzilla, the female bodybuilder!  In UTCS-138, I'm Going as Backzilla, Steve demands she put more clothes on, Backzilla decides he needs an attitude adjustment.  She wrestles him down to the ground where she works him over with a variety of pro holds, scissors and muscle worship.  Backzilla is really powerful, sporting 14" biceps and 24" thighs packed onto her 5'2" frame.  When she slams those thighs on you and squeezes 0-100% it's tap-out or pass-out.  Of course Steve is a veteran of 100's of videos  and can really absorb a whipping, but Backzilla is more than happy to oblige.  Flexing, trash talking and making him stroke her fantastic physique at every opportunity, Backzilla maneuvers Steve into grapevine, choke, crucifix, camel clutch and surfboard.  Mixing in a reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, throat scissor, throat scissor 4, front scissor and front figure 4 to completely weaken him.  Lastly she flexes her awesome muscles while standing over him and makes him worship her incredible body. Backzilla is a rare treat in the mixed wrestling world and she's only here right now at!  TRT 14.5 minutes, enjoy!


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