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Roxanne vs. Ed!


Roxanne Laroux is a sexy all-natural athlete, fire dancer, yogi and session wrestling. Her lean physique is all muscle and she has amazing balance, flexibility and innate strength.  In UTCS-158, Roxanne vs. Ed, Ed is confident at the beginning of the match, however Roxanne is really fast and aggressive and immediately takes him down with a nice headlock throw.  There she either pins, or makes Ed tap over a dozen times in the first 5 minutes.  He’s already exhausted and humiliated, and then falls prey to a variety of head crushing scissor holds. Her favorite move is a real wrestling guillotine, which is different than a grappling guillotine, although she traps him in one of those as well.  That’s what makes Roxanne so good, you never know where she’s coming from and she’s so quick and strong, it’s hard to trap her into any hold of your own.  Couple that with long, strong, deadly legs that she uses to scissor from any angle, and you’ll understand, as Ed does, why you’re constantly battling from behind, tapping from some excruciating locks, or completely trapped and being pinned underneath her. Her hip-thrusting grapevine is legendary as she locks you in and thrusts so violently it literally knocks the wind out of you.  Holds of note include takedown, crucifix, guillotine, cross body pin, side scissor, rear naked choke, front scissor, reverse armpit choke, hip thrusting grapevine, classic head scissor, classic figure 4, reverse head scissor and a reverse figure 4, flexing and victory pose. TRT 10 minutes, Enjoy! The preview clip can be found here.


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