Foxxy Squeeze Wrestles Steve!

Foxxy Squeeze Wrestles Steve!


(12 Mins.)

Foxxy Squeeze is an ultra-sexy German woman who will wrestle and scissor you up, down and sideways. She’s been session wrestling for a couple of years now but in 2023 she enrolled in BJJ and wrestling classes and in the last year has become quite accomplished. In her recent trip to the US, our man Steve caught up to Foxxy and produced 3 clips with her, this being the most competitive. In “Foxxy Squeeze Wrestles Steve,” he immediately pisses her off by telling her that Kip has seen her wrestle and thinks she needs to learn some new holds. Steve tells Foxxy, he is the “Kaiser” of mixed wrestling and he is going to “teach” her some new moves, and this further angers our German Fraulein. From that moment forward, she delivers every hold and scissor with damaging intent. Steve is made to frantically tap his submission in many different holds, including grapevine, rear naked choke, HOM smothers, classic head scissor, front scissor, figure 4, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, and armpit choke crucifix. Then while thoroughly beaten, Foxxy stands over Steve in a classic victory pose flexing her impressive biceps. “Foxxy Squeeze Wrestles Steve,” is 12 minutes in length, enjoy!


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