Warrior Amazone

  • Most fans of mixed wrestling in general and Utopia in particular, know that Sheena and Warrior Amazone are best friends. So when Dominick schedules a session with Sheena and then cancels last minute to book with Warrior, they immediately find out the situation. As we fade up our 2 mixed wrestling beauties are dressed in sexy schoolgirl outfits complete with mini skirts, leggings and hose, and decide to confront him. Sheena pulls him into the room and onto the mats, and so his 13 minute, 2 on 1 beatdown begins. Sheena and Warrior Amazone are 2 of the most popular session girls on the planet for good reason. Both are beautiful, powerful and skilled, yet genuinely sweet as sugar and mean as a junkyard dog, all at the same time. It's uncanny! These two have worked together in double sessions many times and this is a small taste of what you might expect if you're ever lucky enough to partake. As one of the girls scissors you, the other mounts you for a facesitting smother. You might think you died and went to heaven, although when one shifts into a painful reverse scissor, you might literally feel like your days are numbered! Holds of note include: arm bar, calf scissor, body scissor, front scissor, classic scissor, figure 4, straddle, breast smother, ankle choke, facesitting, reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4 and more. In the end, our 2 beautiful dominants stand over Dominick in a double victory pose, and then he gets lifted over Sheena's shoulder and tossed out of the room like the trash that he is! Enjoy!
  • In UTCS-100, Green Card Grappling,German blonde beauty Warrior Amazone, is looking to become an American citizen and has been hanging out with Dominick, who has promised to marry her, and thus pave the way for her ti get a green card. She has been keeping him happy by feeding his mixed wrestling habit almost daily. Problem is Dom has a legal issue and his Lawyer has told him he cannot marry her right now, and she can forget about getting citizenship. Warrior Amazone explodes with angry and dials up the punishment in what will be the last time Dominick ever wrestles Warrior Amazone! Warrior Amazone is big, curvy, strong, and a lusciously muscular, wrestling machine. Her thighs are tan, creamy smooth, and thick on the outside, and man-eating muscle on the inside. She practices wrestling and grappling daily and tours the world wrestling men. She has become extremely dangerous and can put a man in peril in seconds. If Dom thought he was wrestling with her before, he has a new reality facing him now! Holds of note in "Green Card Grappling" include body scissor, grapevine, head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, front figure 4, facesit, standing scissor, ankle scissor, armpit choke, and Warrior's awesome, smothering, reverse scissor and reverse figure 4 which she applies in several different positions and variations. This clip features excellent lighting and camerawork that Utopia is known for. In the end, Warrior Amazone fleeces Dom's pockets of all his cash and then addresses the audience direct. A marriage proposal you won't want to miss! Enjoy!
  • Part 4 of The Quadrilogy is UTCS-69, Sheena (as Wonder Woman) vs. Warrior Amazone (as Harley Quinn) With Sheena and Warrior Amazone visiting the USA from their home countries of Hungary and Germany respectively, and Halloween just around the corner, Sheena and Warrior decide to dramatize the moment. What we've all been waiting for, the Utopia version of Wonder Woman vs. Harley Quinn to see who is Queen of Utopia! Our 2 buff beauties put on an awesome show, with so many holds, throws, scissors and submissions, it's got to be one of the best female wrestling videos of all time! We lost count at 50. A catfight between 2 women who practice wrestling and grappling each day. Sheena and Warrior Amazone are practically super heroes in real life, so why not at Halloween and why not in the Perfect World of Utopia Entertainment!?! This clip is exactly why we have Entertainment in our name! Enjoy!
  • Kip is undecided as to who wins the lift & carry contest between Sheena and Warrior Amazone, so they decide to each wrestle Nick 1 on 1 and have Kip decide who is Queen of Utopia. The criteria? Which girl womanhandles him the most! In Part 2 of MW-112, The Quadrilogy, is The Quadrilogy is UTCS-73, Warrior Amazone vs. Nick. Warrior takes Nick to the mat immediately and puts on a mixed wrestling clinic, showing a wide variety of scissors, amateur holds and grappling locks and chokes. We counted 27 different holds, throws and scissors in all. Nick is completely thrashed at the hands, er legs of Warrior Amazone! This clip is non-stop action as beautiful Warrior Amazone, locks Nick into nearly every hold she can think of. Enjoy!
  • While Kip is getting ready to shoot Warrior Amazone for Utopia, Sheena finds Nick hiding in the bathroom spying on her. She captures him in a headlock and trots him into the living room where they decide to have some fun in a lift & carry contest using Nick as their personal weights. We believe this is one of the most entertaining lift & carry clips produced as the girls do tons of squats and flexing in 8 different lifts & carries. Our muscular heroines take turns with fireman's carry, cradle carry, over-one-shoulder, over-both-shoulders, bear hugs, back breaker, and leg press all while generally roughing up "peeping Tom" Nick. Part 1 of MW-112, The Quadrilogy, is UTCS-70, Sheena vs Warrior Amazone - Lift & Carry Contest! in which Sheena and Warrior Amazone compete against each other and Nick, to prove to Kip who is Queen of Utopia. Enjoy!
  • Warrior Amazone vs. Ava Simone!
  • <a href="http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/utopiastar.php?starid=323&starname=Warrior%20Amazone" target="_blank">Warrior Amazone</a> returns to Utopia to tangle with Alex. Most of the time our 5'7," 150 lbs German born blonde heroine likes to showcase her grappling technique, however occasionally she gets in the mood to scissor her opponents head off and we are happy that she works over Alex for our cameras. Warrior Amazone loves to play rough and she exhausts Alex with several reverse scissors and excruciating reverse figure 4's, along with some grueling body scissors and HOM (Hand Over Mouth) choke combinations. Check out Warrior Amazone as she uses her ultra-thick thighs to completely ruin Alex in <a href="http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/clipsnew.php?vid=UTCS-63" target="_blank">UTCS-63, Warrior Amazone vs. Alex!</a>  Enjoy!  
  • Videotaped at the <a href="http://www.SessionGirls.com" target="_blank">SessionGirls.com</a> live event, <a href="http://www.UtopiaEntertainment.com" target="_blank">UtopiaEntertainment.com</a> held a 3 women tournament. <a href="http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/utopiastar.php?starid=323&starname=Warrior%20Amazone" target="_blank">Warrior Amazone</a> vs. <a href="http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/utopiastar.php?starid=319&starname=Ava%20Simone" target="_blank">Ava Simone</a> vs. <a href="http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/utopiastar.php?starid=322&starname=Goddess%20Anat" target="_blank">Goddess Anat.</a> These 3 wrestling beauties square off against each other in the ring, and participate in 3 very competitive matches, with one women winning both of her contests. There is an excellent interview at the end with the winner. Who will that be? Check out all the action in <a href="http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/dvd.php?vid=WW-13" target="_blank">WW-13, Utopia's 3 Women Tournament</a> today. Enjoy!


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