Warrior Amazone vs. Nick!

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Warrior Amazone vs. Nick!


Kip is undecided as to who wins the lift & carry contest between Sheena and Warrior Amazone, so they decide to each wrestle Nick 1 on 1 and have Kip decide who is Queen of Utopia. The criteria? Which girl womanhandles him the most! In Part 2 of MW-112, The Quadrilogy, is The Quadrilogy is UTCS-73, Warrior Amazone vs. Nick. Warrior takes Nick to the mat immediately and puts on a mixed wrestling clinic, showing a wide variety of scissors, amateur holds and grappling locks and chokes. We counted 27 different holds, throws and scissors in all. Nick is completely thrashed at the hands, er legs of Warrior Amazone! This clip is non-stop action as beautiful Warrior Amazone, locks Nick into nearly every hold she can think of. Enjoy!


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