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Warrior Amazone vs. Alex!


<a href=”http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/utopiastar.php?starid=323&starname=Warrior%20Amazone” target=”_blank”>Warrior Amazone</a> returns to Utopia to tangle with Alex. Most of the time our 5’7,” 150 lbs German born blonde heroine likes to showcase her grappling technique, however occasionally she gets in the mood to scissor her opponents head off and we are happy that she works over Alex for our cameras. Warrior Amazone loves to play rough and she exhausts Alex with several reverse scissors and excruciating reverse figure 4’s, along with some grueling body scissors and HOM (Hand Over Mouth) choke combinations. Check out Warrior Amazone as she uses her ultra-thick thighs to completely ruin Alex in <a href=”http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/clipsnew.php?vid=UTCS-63″ target=”_blank”>UTCS-63, Warrior Amazone vs. Alex!</a>  Enjoy!



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