• Videotaped at the <a href="" target="_blank"></a> live event, <a href="" target="_blank"></a> held a 3 women tournament. <a href="" target="_blank">Warrior Amazone</a> vs. <a href="" target="_blank">Ava Simone</a> vs. <a href="" target="_blank">Goddess Anat.</a> These 3 wrestling beauties square off against each other in the ring, and participate in 3 very competitive matches, with one women winning both of her contests. There is an excellent interview at the end with the winner. Who will that be? Check out all the action in <a href="" target="_blank">WW-13, Utopia's 3 Women Tournament</a> today. Enjoy!
  • In UTCS-97, New Owner Get's Owned beautiful wrestler extraordinaire, Dez Desire,is working on a few moves in the wrestling ring, dressed in her trademark black, cut-out, thong, monokini. The new owner of the gym walks in and rudely tells her he has converted the gym to a male only facility, and now she must get out. Dez protests leading to a confrontation and challenge. If she wins, he has to keep the gym open to females, and also hire a female coach and start a women's only wrestling class. However, if he wins, she is history. Cocky Derrick tosses in one incentive, saying he'll hire Dez as the coach if she wins. Match on! As you would expect from Dez, weighing in at 5'10" and 165lbs., with years of intense wrestling and grappling training, she dominates from start to finish. She may look long and lean, but has "legs for days," and her massive thighs measure a mind erasing 25". When she gets to scissoring there is no escape! However, she knows so many different holds and locks, in so many different fighting styles, he has no chance. Sexy Dez takes him down with a nice double leg takedown, then works several grappling holds, submission moves and scissors, including grapevine, arm bar, straddle, body scissor, reverse head scissor, standing scissor, a front scissor while he's trapped up against the turnbuckle, and then finishes him off with a beautiful monkey flip from the corner into a classic scissor and a classic figure 4 in which Derrick is forced to admit total defeat. Enjoy! UTCS-97 Sample Clip
  • In UTCS-99, Beaten by a girl, mixed wrestling superstar VeVe Lane returns to Utopia as a mother who confronts the wrestling coach about kicking her son off the wrestling team. You see, VeVe's son was beaten by a girl in his last match and the chauvinistic coach can't have that. When coach tries to blow-off and put down VeVe as a mere "Soccer Mom," she peels off her clothes, flexes for the coach and calls him "chicken." Veve is in awesome shape, ... lean, muscular, powerful, and she knows every wrestling and grappling move known to mankind. She, has more stamina than most cross-country runners, and at only 5'4" and 125lbs., she can lift heavier in the gym than most males. The coach agrees to her challenge and When they face off, VeVe immediately catches him in a perfectly executed hip throw and the coach goes crashing to the mat. Veve pounces on him right away and pins him in a cradle. This is the first of many pro and amateur wrestling holds, pins, and scissors as VeVe asserts her total dominance on the stunned and overmatched wrestling coach. This mixed wrestling clip has non-stop action and some of the hods of note include: banana split, full nelson, body scissor, front scissor, standing scissor, reverse scissor, crippler crossface, figure 4, side scissor, Saturday night ride, front lotus, and an awesome chicken wing to reverse figure 4 pinning combination, that forces the coach into admitting he's been "Beaten by a Girl!" Enjoy!
  • Bianca vs. Kiniku!

    12.5 Mins. $11.95
    Bianca and Kiniku are friends but also rivals.  We found out they have a love/hate relationship so we commissioned this match between the 2 of them.  Bianca vs. Kiniku is a competitive topless battle, shot on location in Barcelona, Spain.  There is no nonsense here, the 2 women step out onto the mat, slap hands and get down to business.  Bianca has taken the session world by storm and she has become one of the most sought after video performers in the world.  It's easy to see why, she is beautiful, sexy, always in tremendous condition and gives 100% effort all the time.  What many don't know, is she is incredibly strong for her size, (stronger than most men) is aggressive, has fierce determination, is cunning, and knows a wide variety of wrestling styles, holds and counters.  Indeed, if you're going to face Bianca on the mat, you better bring your "A" game, or it will be a long match for you.  When Bianca traps you in a hold, she can be downright vicious, pouring on the pressure and going for the tap immediately. We've all heard comparisons of a scissorhold, to that of being squeezed by a python, but in Bianca's case it's true.  It's uncanny the pressure this 135 lbs. woman can bring to bear, and very unfortunate for Kiniku. Kiniku has been wrestling and grappling for many years, and started session wrestling in 2015, and she loves to compete.  Kiniku is also very strong and traps Bianca a couple of times, but Bianca will not give in and eventually tires Kiniku and turns the tables on her.  To be fair to Kiniku, this was videotaped after she handed Zac his ass, so she may have been a little winded.  That said, it's an entertaining match, and Kiniku gives her best account. The preview clip can be found here.  Bianca vs. Kiniku is 12.5 minutes in length.  Enjoy!
  • Bianca Blance is a 5'7", 135 lb yoga practitioner, natural athlete and session wrestler from Italy.  Muscle Dolly is a 5'6", 150 lb female bodybuilder and session wrestler from Hungary.  Both these women are well known in wrestling sessions and videos so it was natural to match these two against each other in UTCS-209, Truly Competitive, Bianca vs. Dolly!  This is a classic battle of the bodybuilder (Dolly) vs. the fitness enthusiast (Bianca.)  On paper you would feel that maybe Dolly, with her strength, muscle mass and weight advantage might win out.  But Bianca's strength and conditioning is second to none and she is training ongoing in BJJ, wrestling and boxing.  So as Kip always says, "that's why we play the games!"  Early on in the match, Bianca is able to trap Dolly in a guard body scissor right up under Dolly's ribs and earns a quick tapout.  However, in the next face-off, Dolly is able to pull Bianca into her guard.  Bianca, twisting to try and free herself from Dolly's strong legs gives up her neck accidentally and Dolly gets Bianca in a brutal headlock.  For the next 2.5 minutes Dolly squeezes the crap out of Bianca, but the determined  Italian "Stallion" never gives up.  Eventually tiring Dolly, Bianca miraculously escapes, completely turning the tables on Dolly and winning the fall with a cross body pin and Kimora.  We've seen this behavior before with Bianca, where she makes an early mistake, but because she is relentless in her will to survive and never tapout, she is able to outlast and exhaust her opponents to where victory becomes inevitable.  And there it is, Dolly is game the rest of the way, but with her strength advantage zapped, she becomes no match for Bianca's superior conditioning and skill.  Indeed, Bianca is just getting warmed up!  You can see the body language of the 2 athletes shift, with Bianca triumphantly flexing after each fall and Dolly looking visibly shaken and frustrated.  But Bianca enjoyed this day and goes hard on Dolly, forcing the Hungarian to retaliate with whatever she has.  In the last fall Dolly tries to save face and fervently attacks Bianca, but once again falls prey to a vicious body scissor.  Please enjoy, UTCS-209, Truly Competitive, Bianca vs. Dolly!


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