New Owner Gets Owned!

New Owner Gets Owned!


In UTCS-97, New Owner Get’s Owned beautiful wrestler extraordinaire, Dez Desire,is working on a few moves in the wrestling ring, dressed in her trademark black, cut-out, thong, monokini. The new owner of the gym walks in and rudely tells her he has converted the gym to a male only facility, and now she must get out. Dez protests leading to a confrontation and challenge. If she wins, he has to keep the gym open to females, and also hire a female coach and start a women’s only wrestling class. However, if he wins, she is history. Cocky Derrick tosses in one incentive, saying he’ll hire Dez as the coach if she wins. Match on! As you would expect from Dez, weighing in at 5’10” and 165lbs., with years of intense wrestling and grappling training, she dominates from start to finish. She may look long and lean, but has “legs for days,” and her massive thighs measure a mind erasing 25″. When she gets to scissoring there is no escape! However, she knows so many different holds and locks, in so many different fighting styles, he has no chance. Sexy Dez takes him down with a nice double leg takedown, then works several grappling holds, submission moves and scissors, including grapevine, arm bar, straddle, body scissor, reverse head scissor, standing scissor, a front scissor while he’s trapped up against the turnbuckle, and then finishes him off with a beautiful monkey flip from the corner into a classic scissor and a classic figure 4 in which Derrick is forced to admit total defeat. Enjoy!

UTCS-97 Sample Clip


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