Ms Nika vs. Goth Delilah!

Ms Nika vs. Goth Delilah!


(13 Mins.)

Ms Nika and Goth Delilah are two sexy session girls from the UK that are good friends off the mat, and fierce competitors on. Ms Nika is 5’9″ vs. 5’6″ for Goth Delilah and 155lbs vs Delilah’s 137lbs,  but the 3 inches and 18lbs means nothing considering Goth Delilah comes in with 2 extra years of training in BJJ. This is an excellent match that is both energetic and competitive, with both women gaining submissions from the other.  Takedowns, rear naked choke, body scissor, thigh scissor, reverse scissor, are all employed with many moments of pure struggle for supremacy as both try to make the other submit.  Who wins in the end? When you figure it out, you let us know! “Ms Nika vs. Goth Delilah,” is 13 minutes in length, enjoy!


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