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You’re All Mine!


In UTCS-181, You’re All Mine, Ed, (as he so often does) challenges Roxanne Laroux to a rematch.  He got his ass handed to him in the first match, and now he is out for revenge.  The trouble is, now he must face 5’8″ 135lb., natural athlete Roxanne on her turf, … the wrestling mat!  Roxanne doesn’t take this type of challenge lightly.  She tells Ed, “If we have a rematch, I’m going to put you in every single hold that I know!”  I don’t think she gets to them all, lol, but what she does throw on Ed is enough to show him who owns who.  Roxanne has been session wrestling for 6 years and her lean physique is solid muscle.  She practices yoga every day and has incredible balance and flexibility as well as innate strength.  But what we really like about her, is the fact that she wrestles fast and she wrestles rough.  She brings her “A game” to this one and she comes at him from all angles.  Every hold is locked in and meant to punish until he taps his submission.  Then when he does, she lets out a sexy little giggle.  When he’s tapped out enough, she places her fingers inside his mouth, and just like a bass at the end of a fishing line, she tells Ed, “You’re all mine!”  She’s reeled him in, dominated the encounter, and now she’s going to cast him aside completely spent!  Holds of note include: takedown, classic head scissor, classic figure 4, side scissor, side figure 4, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, hip-thrusting grapevine, schoolgirl pin, rear, naked choke, flexing, her version of a high school wrestling guillotine, and victory pose. UTCS-181, You’re All Mine, is 10 minutes long.  Enjoy!  The preview clip can be found here.


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