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The Gift of Scissors!


Bodacious female bodybuilder and session wrester Pocahontas returns to Utopia in a sexy new role-play, “The Gift of Scissors!”  Pocahontas spends hours in the gym each week and has built a massive, power-packed body through powerlifting that she loves to unleash against men in mixed wrestling scissors sessions.  Her husband Steve buys her a birthday present. One of the skimpiest little thong slingshots you’ve ever seen and gives it to her as if it’s a diamond ring.  At first she loves it, because Pocahontas loves slingshots and the way they highlight her exceptional V taper and enormous breasts.  But after she puts it on, she realizes this gift isn’t really for her, it’s for him!  Pocahontas pushes him down and mounts him.  She straps on her infamous “jackhammer” grapevine, and from that moment on, she becomes a hip thrusting, head scissoring, machine!  There’s something incredibly sexy about the way Pocahontas wrestles. This incredibly powerful woman specializes in long, prolonged scissoring, and hip-snapping grapevine breast smothers, which is crazy considering that after about 5 seconds in-between Pocahontas’ thick thighs, you feel like your head is going to explode.  We recommend everyone schedule their own scissor session with Pocahontas, however If you can’t, watching this video is the next best thing as she turns Steve’s head bright red, making his eyes water, gurgling, tapping and begging to be released.  Combine that with Pocahontas’ sexy brand of trash talk and it’s understandable why she has taken the session wrestling world by storm.  Utopia specializes in excellent lighting, crisp audio and exceptional camerawork and this clip is highlighted by some amazing close-ups.  You’ll feel like you’re right in there with Steve, getting your head scissored by Pocahontas’ mind-erasing gams.  Enjoy!


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