Sheena Dominates Dominick!

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Sheena Dominates Dominick!


Sheena and Dominick have been dating for a little while and she’s been hiding her session wrestling career from him. In Sheena Dominates Dominick, Sheena decides it’s time to show him the “real” Sheena. When Dominick orders Sheena to come into the living room, she appears in a studded black bikini with fishnet stockings and gloves. Dominick thinks he’s the alpha in the household, and says “Damn, the real you is sexy babe” but he has no idea what is about to unfold. Sheena goes over to where Dominick is sitting on the couch, clutches him by the throat and throws him to the floor. Then proceeds to scissor his face off! Within seconds he is in pure panic mode and tapping for his life. This is Dominick’s first lesson in who is boss, how things are going to be different, and what she can do to him if he disobeys her. Sheena loves to see the desperation in his face as she presses her scissorholds. She lets up a few times so she doesn’t knock him out right away, and teaches him to worship her muscles, and massage her. Sheena likes it hard and Dominick is cowering in submission, so she punishes him further. Holds featured are classic, front, side and reverse scissors. Classic, front, side, and reverse figure fours, ankle and foot chokes, standing scissors, straddles, triangles and in the end, she is standing over him flexing as he is forced to worship her awesome thighs and calves. Enjoy!


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