Unfinished Business!

Unfinished Business!


(16.5 Mins.)

Aliyah Taylor (Formerly known as Scar) is a sexy female bodybuilder, session wrestler turned adult star, with man crushing legs and an incredible body! She and King were dating for awhile and she pays him a visit to settle some “Unfinished Business!” After the compare legs, she confronts King and before you know it she throws the big man to the ground and starts to scissor him relentlessly. Aliyah’s leg’s are unbelievably strong, and even big guy’s like King fall prey to them when she starts to squeeze. Within second’s you hear that buzzing in your ears and you start to see thousands of stars in your eyes and if you don’t tap, it’s lights out! Aliyah works King over with many different scissors, and when he’s more than subdued, she reaches down under his drawers and asks, “Are you still King down there too?” Soon she has his sizable cock out and begins to stroke. Scissoring, facesitting, smothering and jerking King into oblivion, Aliyah finishes him completely off, so we guess that’s what she meant after all! When King is spent and Aliyah is triumphant, she wraps her meaty thighs around his head some more and gets one last tapout while she flexes her giant biceps. Aliyah is truly awesome! UTCS-257 “Unfinished Business” is 16.5 minutes in length. Enjoy!


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