Indecent Proposal, Part 2!

Indecent Proposal, Part 2!


(15 Mins.)

Honey is an fantastic, feature dancer, who competes in pole dancing competitions like The Stripper Olympics.  When you meet her in person you are drawn in by her cute looks and sweet, soft demeanor.  What burns inside is a perfectionist who works hard at dancing, and in the gym, so she can dominate on the pole and on the mat.  She constantly challenges herself to lift heavier and do more difficult tricks, and when wrestling she’ll turn your lights out in seconds.  In Indecent Proposal, Part 2, Honey treats us to a 2.5 minute strength and flexibility study in which she executes some incredible strength moves that many fitness women would be jealous of.  Then it picks up where Part 1 leaves off, with Honey wrapping her thick, educated legs around Steve’s neck. This time we’re on a wrestling mat and Honey dominates her prey with some of the sexiest scissors this side of the Mississippi!  Honey brings her “A-game” once again and this time she sprinkles in a fair dose of her teasing smack talk and evens throws us some nice bicep flexes while wrapping those gorgeous gams around Steve’s face.  One of the things that makes Honey special is the pure ecstasy she feels when cranking iy to her victim.  You know she loves inflicting some pain, and combine that with her sweet feminine voice asking, “what’s the matter, can’t take a little scissor hold?” or making him beg when telling him, “I think I could knock you out if I wanted to … but only if I really wanted” you’ll probably wish you could switch places with him. The preview clip can be found here.  Indecent Proposal, Part 2, is 15 minutes in length, enjoy!

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