Mistress Nicci Damages Derrick!

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Mistress Nicci Damages Derrick!


Dominatrix and fetish wrestler Mistress Nicci (pronounced Nikki) visits Utopia for her first ever wrestling video outside of the confines of her own dungeon in Denver, CO.  Mistress Nicci has been a skier since age 3 and brings a rare combination of balance, grace, beauty, strength and style to the mat.  And ohhh those skiers legs!!!  She’s relatively new to session wrestling (it’s only been about a year) but Nicci is a fast learner and in her own words, “Loves to take the boys’ breath away!”  How does she do this you might ask?  Beautiful red hair, and bright green eyes, along with relentless, punishing, scissor holds, chokes and facesitting!  In UTCS-95, Mistress Nicci Damages Derrick Nicci has the sexiest attitude as she keeps Derrick on the verge of going out, “You can’t escape from me, but you can keep trying!” Watch as she thrashes Derrick with a variety of brutal holds, scissors, and planting that gorgeous tush right on Derricks face, all while wrestling in a hot pink thong one piece that highlights her voluptuous breasts, tight body, toned legs and perfect ass.  In the end, Nicci gives you her email, so you can let her take your breath away one on one.  What we learned ourselves producing this clip?  Mistress Nicci is pretty f’n hot!  Enjoy!


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