The Scissor Sisters – Part 3

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The Scissor Sisters – Part 3


UTCS-128, The Scissor Sisters, Part 3 begins with Agatha Delicious and Madison Swan┬áboth dragging Derrick out to the hot tub and throwing him in. They climb in after him and begin taking turns relentlessly scissoring him. While one of the sisters has him locked in, the other sits on his face or helps her sister by forcing his head deeper in her vice. Feeding off each other, they constantly tease, taunt and belittle the poor man, while dunking him repeatedly until he is desperate to catch his breath. Then, something we have never seen before … the 2 sisters viciously take turns forcing him down with their strong asses and powerful legs and facesit him underwater. There is no way for him to escape and just when you think he can’t take anymore, they give him a moment to catch his breath, before the other sister hops on for a ride! At the end, the 2 women put their feet in his face and dunk him one last time while flexing in classic victory poses. This is a truly unique, must see clip featuring 2 mean sexy women! ┬áTRT 12 Minutes, enjoy!


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