The Scissor Sisters – Part 1

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The Scissor Sisters – Part 1


Agatha Delicious is stretching in anticipation of her wrestling lesson from her new boyfriend Derrick. when her sisterĀ Madison Swan enters and tells her that she has to leave, because she has a wrestling lesson with her boyfriend. Could it be that both women are dating the same dude? As fate would have it, the answer is yes! Madison jumps on and attacks her sister Agatha and this begins 10 minutes of spirited female vs. female action. At the end of part 1, Derrick enters and breaks the 2 women apart. This is part 1 of a 3 part series. Part 2 is both women tag-teaming Derrick with sexy scissorholds, and Part 3 has the women throwing him in the hot tub and double-team dominating him into near drowning submission. Holds of note in part 1 include: body scissor, head scissor, rear naked choke, grapevine, front scissor, camel clutch, side scissor, figure 4 and double reverse head scissor. They don’t call these 2 women “The Scissor Sisters” for no reason. TRT 12 Minutes, enjoy!


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