Madison’s Scissor Games!

Madison’s Scissor Games!


Sexy, mixed wrestling hottie, Madison Swan
returns to Utopia to once again whip up on her boyfriend Zach. In
UTCS-62, Madison’s Scissor Games, the pool at the hotel is too dirty to swim in, so they decide to wrestle a little in their room to pass some time. Madison makes up a couple of games where she can test out her awesome scissorholds and to see if her boyfriend Zach can break free. Madison is ultra-fit from a lifetime of hiking and rock climbing and her legs are super strong and quite accomplished. This video feature’s Madison topless, wearing the skimpiest thong bikini she owns, and in many instances scissoring Zach to 100% full power. His face turns beet red and he is neither able to breathe or talk. Madison locks Zach in inescapable standing scissors, front scissors and front figure 4, and 2 different variations of reverse scissors and her favorite, the reverse figure 4. Since Madison wins, and she knows Zach is unable to break her scissor locks, she drags him to the couch and completely works him over with a 5 minute long classic head scissor. Zach tells her he doesn’t want to play any longer, and Madison says “This isn’t a game anymore.” Then she grinds, pumps, slams, snaps and squeezes the living snot out of him. When she finally shows mercy and lets him free, he slumps to the ground where Madison kneels on his back and flexes her amazing tight little body and biceps for us. Madison Swan is a winner and she proves it in UTCS-62, Madison’s Scissor Games!18 minutes with stereo sound. Enjoy!

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