Wake Up and Go Back to Sleep!

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Wake Up and Go Back to Sleep!


Before each video we shot with mixed wrestling hottie Madison Swan, she asked us “Do you want me to knock him out in this one?” We thought this was kind of funny, but it’s really no laughing matter. Madison means it, because she’s become somewhat of a scissoring knockout artist. So before this clip we asked our jobber Zach if it was OK for Madison to put him to sleep. To our eternal happiness he said yes. In UTCS-80, Wake Up and Go Back to Sleep, Madison is really pissed at Zach because he almost got in a car accident and then got a speeding ticket. He just wants to forget about the whole thing and take a nap, but Madison thinks he needs to be punished for almost killing her. So Madison strips down and clamps on the scissorholds. Each one gets a little meaner, just softening hm up, until the moment she decides his day is done. While trapping him inside her brutal reverse scissor she says: “Maybe that nap you’ve been wanting all day, will happen after all!” Madison gives him one more devastating squeeze, and Zach gives us a twitch before the lights go out and he goes completely limp. Some excellent close-ups of Madison’s maneating thighs and perfect round derriere. Enjoy!


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