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You’re My Bitch!


Utopia fans can never get enough of smoking hot Physique and Figure Competitor Kayley.  This beautiful hardbody is one of the most requested women on our site for good reason. She’s pretty, tan, always in shape, has 14″ biceps, a wasp-like core with 6-pack abs, and neck-crushing thighs. Whenever we have a new victim, and a really strong woman shoot together, we always do a demo squeeze, so that the girl knows how much punishment a dude can take, and the dude gets a feeling for just how devastating a given woman’s scissorhold is going to be. It’s a win/win/win, because we always shoot these to get our camera chops down as well. However, in UTCS-107, You’re My Bitch, something got lost in translation during the test squeeze. Kayley thought it was the real thing and laid into Joey, and Joey didn’t know what hit him.  It took her about 10 seconds to take hm to: “the lights are on but nobody’s home” state of being! After that Joey is a whimpering little bitch, that Kayley relentlessly scissors into oblivion. We were so excited when she nearly knocked him out, we didn’t tell her to stop and just kept the camera rolling. Kayley challenges her newest victim to escape, but she knows her powerful legs are way stronger than his arms. Still, she enjoys a reason to pour on the pressure during his feeble attempts to escape. Holds of note include: head scissors and figure 4, where you can see sexy Kaley tense her abs and shift her wasp-like 6-pack to our delight, side scissor, and side figure 4, and 2 different sets of reverse scissors and reverse figure 4’s that last over 5 minutes.  The lighting and camerawork are excellent in this offering with tons of awesome close-ups, as sexy Kayley makes Joey her Bitch!  In the end Kayley enjoys a victory pose with her foot planted squarely on Joey’s chest while she flexes her fantastic biceps over and over.  Enjoy!


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