Shadowfax Humiliates Kip! – Part 1

Shadowfax Humiliates Kip! – Part 1


(12.5 Mins.)

Shadowfax is a beautiful, 5’10” 185 lb. female bodybuilding amazon. She is a take charge, no nonsense woman who doesn’t like to be told “no,” or take shit from anyone. When Kip tells her his wrestling victim dude is a “no-show,” she demands answers and demands her payment. Kip makes the huge mistake of getting angry and tells her to “get out” and then an even bigger mistake when he pushes her. Ashley immediately pounces on Kip and secures him in a brutal headlock and throws him to the floor where she mounts him. This starts a 24 minute emasculating demolition, as Shadowfax thrashes Kip up, down, and sideways. Fans of prolonged scissor punishment will be especially happy with this offering, as several of her wrestling holds last over 3 minutes each! Kip is forced to clutch at her massive, unforgiving thighs, as she pours on the pressure with hip thrusting, leg snapping intensity. Shadowfax, on the other hand, has a look of utter glee, as she has Kip helpless, gurgling in pain, and on the verge of passing out the entire video. Holds of note in this total annihilation include: grapevine, body scissor, head scissor, figure 4, reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4. Please enjoy part 1 of UTCS-241, Shadowfax Humiliates Kip All is here and ¬†Part 2 is here. ¬†Enjoy!


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