Shadowfax Humiliates Kip! – Part 2

Shadowfax Humiliates Kip! – Part 2


(11.5 Mins.)

Part 2 of UTCS-241, Shadowfax Humiliates Kip, picks up where Part 1 leaves off, with Kip hopelessly sandwiched in ShadowFax’s grueling reverse figure 4. Then she straightens her maneating gams straight out and really puts the press on ol’ Kip. He’s all but out, and reduced to a shrieking, groveling piece of flesh for Shadowfax to devour. Kip is no slouch on the mat and has tons of wrestling experience, but at 5’10” and a solid, muscular 185 lbs., Shadoefax controls Kip like few women possibly could. When she releases the reverse scissor, Kip is ripe for her standing scissor. She uses her height and superior strength to completely leverage the hold as she flexes her huge biceps for our camera to capture. Then she uses Kip’s back as a brace and lifts her feet off the ground for an aerial side scissor. Kip shows some strength and balance as he’s able to support her weight, but she muscles him back down to the mat and ensnares him in a brutal side figure 4. She then traps one of his arms under her so he can’t possibly escape. Shadowfax toys with Kip in this position, holding him hostage and flexing over him for over 3 minutes. Squeezing him nearly unconscious at her whim with jolts of full pressure. Next it’s time for Shadowfax to end this charade. She pulls Kip’s head up high and tight in an excruciating front scissor. She squeezes and relaxes over and over for another 3 minutes completely exhausting him. You can see he’s on the verge many times, because he’s being pressed beyond red, to white! Meekly taping his final submission, Shadowfax mercifully releases Kip and stands triumphantly over him, foot on chest, in a double bicep victory pose. Part 2 of Shadowfax Humiliates Kip is 11.5 minutes in length. ¬†Enjoy!


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