Ironfire Takes On All Comers!

Ironfire Takes On All Comers!


Duration: 54 minutes

Bodybuilding and fitness star Ironfire returns to Utopia in her first wrestling video in almost 7 years. Introducing MW-54, Ironfire Takes On All Comers! This is part of our ongoing series, ‘Holy Shit This Woman Can Really Wrestle!’ In the last 7 years, Ironfire has packed on 15lbs. of solid muscle. She’s also taken an interest in Grappling and trains twice a week. Indeed Ironfire was recruited and trained by Kip 12 years ago and she has always been one of the most competitive women around. Strikingly beautiful, Ironfire also has a quick wit and a sharp tongue. She whips Nick first, then Kid Dynamite. Scissors from every angle, grapevines, body scissors, arm bars and a rear naked choke are part of her arsenal. But as she squeezes you senseless, she let’s you know your place verbally. Ironfire is massive, and she gets Kid in a choke and sticks her baseball sized biceps into his neck and throat and practically puts him out! Not content to go home a winner, Ironfire coerces Kip to get on the mat. He tries to sneak attack her and it totally backfires. Kip is left to suffer in between Ironfire’s strong, muscular thighs like the others! Check out the free sample clip. This is a mere smattering of the action contained. Ironfire is a devastating, squeezing machine, and in MW-54, Ironfire Takes On All Comers she proves it! 33 action packed minutes with stereo sound! The .wmv download is 1280 x 720p, 3000kbs, and 747mb. Also Check out Ironfire’s Utopia Star Profile Here! Enjoy!

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