Hailey vs. Doug

Hailey vs. Doug


Duration: 58 minutes

Please Note: Hailey vs. Doug is a smartphone friendly .mp4! It will play on all smartphones, PC’s and Macs.

Hailey is a professional boxer, with a record of 23-8-1. At 5’0′ and 110lbs dripping wet, small but mighty might be the understatement of the decade when describing this hot female!. Her nickname is hotstuff, and when you see her pretty face, phenomenal body and awesome fighting skills, you’ll know why. A few years ago, looking for more challenges, she took to mixed wrestling, and has been kicking men’s behinds ever since. Introducing MW-58, Hailey vs. Doug. We paired Hailey with Doug, a local up and coming MMA fighter, because we wanted someone who could legit spar with her, and possibly take her best punch. But after Hailey knocks him around for a bit she tackles him to the ground and puts the legs on him. Doug has never really been scissored like this before and he had no idea how powerful and relentless Hailey would be. She makes him legitimately tap his submission many times. Hailey uses a wide arsenal of scissors and chokes, but it’s her reverse scissor and reverse figure 4 that does most of the damage. At one point she squeezes him so hard, tears are streaming from his eyes. Hailey asks ‘Are you crying?’ and then starts to laugh while squeezing even harder. Check out the free sample clip… It’s always tough to edit down 30+ minutes to 1 minute, but in this case it was darn near impossible. Hailey vs. Doug is set inside a boxing gym and is one of the most entertaining matches we’ve produced in a long time. There are segments of boxing, mixed martial arts and submission wrestling all rolled up into one awesome production. The total running time is 32.5 minutes with stereo sound. The .mp4 download is 1280 x 720p, 3500kbs, and 856mb. We recommend a high speed internet connection to download this amazing production. Check out Hailey’s Utopia Star Profile Here! Enjoy!

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