Scissor Alley!

Scissor Alley!


Duration: 69 minutes

If you’re a fan of female bodybuilding and wrestling, then you’re probably a huge fan of Annie Rivieccio. So are we! That’s why we jumped at the chase to shoot with Annie at a recent bodybuilding competition. Guys, this is the mixed wrestling movie you always wanted Annie to make. She comes to Utopia hard, huge, and wrestles with emotion and enthusiasm. Presenting MW-69, Scissor Alley! Nick gets lost while driving in a bad neighborhood. He pulls over at what he thinks is a church, but it is fact Psycho Annie’s murderous mixed wrestling lair. Annie throws Nick down and proceeds to tear him apart limb from limb! Annie’s grapevine practically rips Nick’s knees out. When she hip thrusts him you can hear the wind leave his body. Her head scissors are brutal, and each massive 26′ gam is thicker than Nick’s whole head. Her body scissor practical cuts Nick in half, and she just laughs at his helplessness. And her reverse scissor is completely devastating. She snaps her hips when she catches him and nearly decapitates him. Annie completely dominates Nick physically, but it’s her verbal assault that is equally as awesome. Nick tries to escape her clutches, but Annie pulls him back into yet another crushing hold and flexes over him while squeezing the snot out of him. Her headlock while pinning him in a grapevine will become legendary… not only from smashing his face with her bicep, but for biting him while doing it. Annie told us she ‘got into the role’ maybe ‘a little too much’ and Nick told us he ‘imagined this is what a near death experience might be like.’ Indeed Annie has Nick completely desperate for survival from start to finish. And in the end, Annie bends Nick backward over her knee and breaks his back! Check out the quality of the sample montage clip and pics, these are all direct lifts from the download. Also check out Annie’s Utopia Star Profile where you can contact her for your own amazing mixed wrestling session. MW-69, Scissor Alley! is 30 minutes of intense mixed wrestling and scissoring action starring Annie Rivieccio at her best. Smartphone and tablet friendly, .mp4, 1280 x 720 high definition and 830mb. Enjoy!

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