Long, Strong, Devastating Legs, Part 3!

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Long, Strong, Devastating Legs, Part 3!


IFBB Pro Physique Competitor Amazon Nikki is a 6’0 tall, dominant, blonde babe, with awesome 15″ biceps, 25″ thighs, 16.5″ calves.  She demands perfection from her husband and he keeps messing up.  Whenever that happens, she is there to administer another severe scissoring.  We’ve featured a lot of devastating scissorers in our 29 year history, where the women squeeze their victims into screaming submission, but Nikki’s go next level in this one, scissoring him practically silent!  Well not exactly silent, but in UTCS-115, Long, Strong, Devastating Legs, Part 3, the pressure was so great, Derrick couldn’t even move his jaw or open his mouth to scream or protest, rather clench his teeth together and grunt his way through!  Amazon Nikki has “legs for days,” and completely overwhelms Derrick with “scissors, scissors and more scissors” as she hopes to squeeze some sense into him.  The lighting, camerawork and sound are exceptional in this fantastic clip and holds of note include: classic head scissor, figure 4, body scissor, front scissor, grapevine, aerial side scissor, side figure 4, jaw cracker, HOM, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, and classic, double bicep victory pose.  Amazon Nikki doesn’t get on camera in mixed wrestling action too often, and to our knowledge Utopia has her in her most recent clip produced to date.  Check out the preview clip to Long, Strong, Devastating Legs, Part 3 here.  TRT 11.5 minutes, enjoy!


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